Ruby Tuesday / quality of service

Dear Responsible,
While in Jordan a friend of mine were craving for Ruby Tuseday's ribs, so both of our famileis, made a resrvation for 2 tables and went on Sept. 8th, 2010 @ 6:50 p.m.
10 minutes later a waiter came and took our order, given that we were shocked that they were out of ribs, any way we order the kids meals, soupe and main dish for each of us.
Waiting for 30 mintues - mind that it was Ramadan season and we were fasting all day- we called a waiter, and asked him and asked him about our order at least the soup, he went to check on it, another waiter came and informed us " please go to the salad bar" AS YOUR ORDER DID NOT REACH THE KITCHEN YET.
We had an argument with the waiter and the manager, and at the end we left the restaurant after 40 mintues with out eating anytihng and to break our fasting.
We were disapointed with the level of response, quality of service there, compared to Rubey Tuesday in Jeddah which we are regualr customers at.

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