Ronastaff and false information

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On Monday I received an email about a great deal on a French door 34x80 so I checked online for availability unfortunately the door was only available at the Scarborough location on warden ave since it is quite far from my home I calledrona to confirm that they had the door in stock ! They assured me yes they had it so I headed over! Only to be told that they didn't have the door! Meanwhile the i was told it was in stock and it even stated so online! How can the staff at the location lie!! I drove a far distance to come purchase an item that they stated was available and I went to be told no we don't have it in stock!!

Nov 23, 2018
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  • Ic
      Nov 23, 2018

    Did the staff really lie or did you misunderstand what they told you? No offense but judging from your post with spelling and grammar errors it is obvious that you are not that smart.

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