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Rollies is a ridiculous site. My boyfriend and I ordered from them in August and have yet to receive our order and it's nearing the end of October. We ordered over 200$ worth of stuff and so far not even one package has been sent out. We've conversed a few times with the people only to get basically pushed to the side and told our orders will be shipped soon. After reading the fine print on the site, it gives an estimate of how long orders will take, and even gives an estimate of how long it will take if the product is out of stock. Well, having been so frustrated my boyfriend and I have added and re-added the longest possible time it was estimated to take and it clearly doesn't take this long, even if every single item were out of stock. I've read other posts on this site and other posts on rollies site and people have reported similar problems, but assure people they did eventually receive their orders so I don't want to go on saying they'll rip of your money and not send your product because they very well could eventually send mine.

I'm simply saying their site is beyond bad service and even if the product is in perfect condition when it finally comes, it's not worth the wait and frustration you must go through to get it. If Rollies can't take on as many order as they take in, they should limit the amount they do in order to please and satisfy all of their customers because I personally wont re-use their site OR refer it to anyone simple because of the excessively long wait I've endured. My bf actually picked out those pieces over a month before my birthday in September, and it's almost his birthday in November and they still aren't here, and I can bet they wont be here by his bday either. So in conclusion lol don't order from their, I actually order some from grasscity since my first order has yet to arrive and grasscity has already shipped them and I just order them yesterday!

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  • On
      10th of Feb, 2009
    +2 Votes

    Hi Ann,
    They (Rollies) got me to. Believe it or not your post is what got me thinking that I was burned. I also turned to GrassCity after reading you'r post. So good luck with Rollie thr rip off, and have a good one. By the way it is all good with GrassCity.
    Thanks for the good link to GrassCity, this onehit is for you.


  • Ro
      13th of Apr, 2009
    -3 Votes

    This person got her order. She knew it was on the way when she made this complaint but still she got it. It is unfortunate she did not update this account stating as such but she was not in any way deprived of her order. She even stated she likes what she got and all is well. She did not have to make this complaint but for some reason did so because the order was late. Late orders do not mean you will not get the order. We have to wait for stock issues, such as out of stock, Keep in mind alot of my suppliers orders from overseas and they send to them by boat and this takes a long time to get back in stock. Stock issues are the only issue we tend to deal with.


  • Ro
      15th of May, 2009
    -1 Votes

    The person, Heather, has no reason to state the above information. Do not believe her misinformation and falsehoods, she did not receive her order but never emailed to inquiry about it. If she had or asked for a refund she would have received it, we take care of customers and sometimes orders are delayed months due to stock issues. If one can not wait then a refund or a change in order is optional. The person, Heather has been refunded and if she asked it would have been easy to do, without writing meanness. We believe all should be good in life and speak good there is no need to be negative and we are here. So give us a call and if no answer try again another day, send an email or two and we will get back to you or you will soon receive your order. All is well, Rollies is a great company, and people do get their orders, do not listen to her advice it is wrong.

  • Ro
      15th of May, 2009
    +1 Votes

    I stated I would refund you today and that will reflect on the card very soon. However, you stated you cancelled the card so a Money order will be sent and I will cancel the refund on the card. We are telling the truth. The Money order will be sent out next week. We are a good company. All is well.

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