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Rockland International / Misrepresentation!

1 United States Review updated:

I own a business in the Metro Detroit Area. I was falsely led to think that my phone bill would be lowered. It was not it was actually realizes $115 per month from this Kid that said he was affiliated with AT&T. The conversation writing, and everything was recorded. I found all info on this ### company October 2007, and a group of individual in my area that were scammed as well. Including 13 former employees of this company to vouch for the interworkings of this ### scam club. We are going forward in late November with a class action lawsuit. Andy Bruinger I suppose is the head pimp there. Hope he invested wisely because he has a lot of pissed off business owners wanting a piece of this Bul**hit company.

Please call if you have been ripped off by this company as well.
Rocklands Phone number: Please post I only have the address.

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  • Da
      29th of Jan, 2008
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    the phone number is 12487331973

  • Jo
      15th of Feb, 2008
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    i'm a former employee. the company is essentially a pyramid scheme. they dangle this promotion opportunity in front of these people (mostly kids with very little education), but only one person in the last year and a half has been promoted. email me if you need more info

  • Fo
      20th of Aug, 2008
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    You want the real, honest-to-god truth? From someone who actually knows? Has worked hand in hand for six months with this company? Without being employed by them?

    Write off your gas mileage and read below.

    At&t pays big bucks to Andy/employees/incorporated "cydcor" compaines doing their "dirty work." The reason? Face to face marketing with a contracted company doing 100% commission work is CHEAP AND EFFECTIVE. So...

    ATT employs many different companies to do such "dirty work." IE door to door, cold calling of businesses. Rockland just happens to be the best in the country at it. My reccomendation? Work there. Learn all that you can. Every company after will be easy. You willl learn more than you ever imagined. AND- Michigan is the most difficult sales market in the country, yet we hold the number one office. Go figure. You'd think that someone would be smart and learn the Michigan ways, then bring them to another state and make the REAL BIG BUCKS. But no... no one has... YET. They all seem to get LAZY when they move.

    Really, fact-of-the-matter-is: Telemarketing has been done. Junk mail has been done. Everyone knows how to hang up and throw out. BUT- you get a cute girl/guy in front of you telling you that you are going to save a couple bucks a month up to thousands a month on WHAT YOU ARE ALREADY USING... you suddenly make time/desk space/and coffee available. The cost to you? Usually, nothing. Sometimes, an extention of a contract. The longest that Rockland offers- ONE YEAR with the OPTION to AUTO RENEW after that year. (IE- if you like it and don't want to cancel, you get another year's contract and your guaranteed pricing for another year. No effort on your part, and the best- no EFFORT ON YOUR PART TO KEEP YOUR CURRENT AND CHEAPER PLAN.) It's no different than upping a cell phone plan when you are going over your minutes. The reps are trained to know that you are going over your minutes and will put you on a plan that saves you from massive overages (which saves you money every month.) Easy as F'N pie! If you ask me! And judging by the fact that you are still reading, you're asking me.

    So, just FYI-- ATT owns all of the lines. Yes. They do. They installed them, were forced to break into sepearate companies in order to aviod becoming a "monopoly" (which is illegal) and then joined again when there were enough lame excuses for competition gathered together. (For instance, in Michigan-- Cavalier, a reseller of ATT service... using promotional pricing to get businesses in the door, locking in a contract, and then raising pricing to an absurd rate to cover the rental charges. All with an early termination fee that more than covers lost profit and rental charges for oh, let's say... three years. Comcast/WOW aka Wide Open West/Vonage- UNSECURE IP based VOIP designed to lure owners into switching with promos like 'free basic cable' and 'cheap unlimited calling.' Yes. Cheap. Until the promotional period is over. Just like at home. Only, at home you are not locked into a contract. With a 5k early termination fee. Oh, and let's not forget the UNSECURE part. Yes. Any ### in japan can tap in and listen to the requests for INSURANCE CLAIMS, CREDIT CARD NUMBERS EVEN DIALED ELECTRONICALLY, AND... SOCIAL SECURITY NUMBERS COMBINED WITH BIRTHDATES ON THE SAME CALL. What business doesn't take credit cards? What business that takes credit cards can afford to be SUED for being UNSECURED?)

    Number one: ATT nor Rockland, Inc. (Formerly Rockland International, Inc.) are NOT to blame. Every company needs cheap labor. (Please bless both of these companies for not outsourcing to India).

    Number two: Rockland's ACTUAL goal is to ASSIST/HELP current/new ATT customers. This is constantly pounded into the heads of the employees. Trust me. I experienced this five days a week for six months. This isn't a joke. I will post a rebuttle about an affiliate company that will blow your mind and make you never want to work with them. There are much worse things than pro-rated charges showing up on some random customer's bill because of one (and I mean ONE- I KNOW HIS NAME) bad employee's greed. Please forward all complaints to him, and not ANDY. Andy actually has a complete sense about him and does his best. He is a caring and helpful individual. He can be chauvinistic at times, but still, as an employee, I can say that he will help anyone get to the top and make money. He doesn't lecture, he coaches.

    Number three: The main point. Andy doesn't care at this point. He's not in it for money. He's got it. He's not in it for fame. Doesn't need it. He's not in it for women/lust/anger/proving a point/etc. He has everything he needs figured out and done already. SO- if you get the OPTION/BENEFIT/or SHEER OPPORTUNITY to SPEAK with the man that at 28 is already a MILLIONARE... well I suggest you take it. Pyramid scheme? No. Similar? Yes. The difference? You do AB and C... you get to where he is. No monetary investment. You put in the effort and hard work. There are no managers that have to die or get fired for you to get promoted. You can pass him up any time of day or night. Do it, and it's done. Listen hard, because he has more wisdom to share than any ### manager that you've ever had before.

  • Sh
      20th of Aug, 2008
    0 Votes

    Formerly employed is a brainwashed fool. If Rockland is so great why is he FORMERLY employed. I am a former employee and I can tell you that I felt so bad for some of the small businesses I "helped out" that I went back and appologized. Every (and I do mean every) business that I signed up got [censored] over. They do not promote anyone. They try their best to brainwash employees and are successful to a large degree. They said I would only be in the field 6 - 12 months. You wouldn't believe the number of people that were there more than a year still in the field. Andy is a criminal Carl is a ###. Do not go near this place

  • Re
      30th of Aug, 2008
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    The people who work for this company are not only mentally challenged, but they are hustlers and cons. Don't apply for any positions being offerred with this company! It will only turn you into a horrible friend, mother / father, husband / wife, etc, etc. It's sooooooo not even worth your time! And beware of the management team! It's not just the obvious people that were mentioned in the above postings that are hustlers and cons... there are other people who work for the above company who don't give a damn about your best interest and are willing to let you go immediately if you are not benefiting them. Snakes in the grass... very, very, very scary!

  • An
      10th of Dec, 2008
    0 Votes

    I worked for this company once. I'm so sorry. I didn't realize what I was doing...

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