RingoPhone.comPoor Business Practices


I am an Alltel (now Verizon) cellular phone customer. I was looking for alternatives to Alltel's ringtones and came across, which was highly recommended in an article as one of the top ten ringtone download sites. This article gave the pros and the cons.
I signed up for the 6 mons. unlimited plan using a credit card to pay. (btw: I printed out the receipt for my records.) When I tried to use it it would not work...I went to my local Alltel store and discovered that Alltel was no longer letting their customers download ringtones, etc. from outside companies because of all the complaints. So, I immediately contacted the company and told them of my dilemma and quickly received a confirmation email (c0mputer-generated) stating that one of their friendly customer service employees would be in touch w/in 48 hrs. So far, I have contacted them 4 times with the same reply on their part. Never have spoken to a human nor have they graced me with an acknowledgement of my problem. In Sept. it will be the end of 6 mons. service period with not one download made.

I certainly hope they have enjoyed my money and can deal with their consciences.

DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY!!! THE OLD SAYING, " If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is." certainly does apply here.

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