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J Sep 05, 2016

I joined the rich dad coaching program on the 4/9/2016. When I was read the terms and conditions I was told that I needed to respond in writing either to the companies email or by post within 3 days if I wished to cancel. I almost didn't accept the offer after hearing the astronomical price of $7000+ (Fortunately, I ended up paying only half up front), although I was encouraged to join by the Brett the Program Director. After this I decide to do some further investigation. I found many negative reviews and discovered that the coaching company is not actually run by Robert Kiyosaki nor are the coaches seasoned investors as I was lead by Brett to believe.
After this I decided to cancel 2 hours after signing. When I tried to call and ask for the email to cancel I was told no customer service email existed (although I later found one through Google) and that I needed to wait 72 hours for a quality representative to call me back. This would have caused me to waive my right to cancel. I tried multiple phone numbers for the company that I could find and was supplied and many were disconnected. The others put me through to what they said was the education department who had no control over membership. They would not give me the number for the quality department.
I then emailed every email address that I could find for them stating that I was cancelling my coaching program. (See attached image).
It is now 2 days later and I have not received any response to the multiple phone calls or emails. Going by the reluctance to give any help and the fact that most people also had difficulty cancelling or getting refunds, I have also asked my credit card company to freeze the payment until things get resolved. I have not and will not access the coaching program materials.
I hope to receive a full refund.

Rich Dad Coaching / Rich Dad Experts
Rich Dad Coaching / Rich Dad Experts

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