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I signed up for the Rich Dad personal coaching on a Thursday, requested cancellation on the following Monday.

During my initial phone call where I agreed to sign up for the personal coaching plan, I was told the charges would be $6983 in Canadian funds. However, my Visa was charged for $6298 US funds, which after the exchange rate was $7151.13 in Canadian funds. This is a discrepancy of $168.13 charged more than I was told.

For various reasons, including the price variance, I chose to cancel my order before I received the package. After several days of confusion, I was able to confirm that my package had indeed been cancelled and was in the process of being refunded.

After checking my VISA statement today, I am frustrated to find that due to the exchange rate I was only refunded $7028.62. There is now a $122.51 charge on my VISA which requires payment.

I sent them an email asking what is their compensation policy in such matters?

Well, the response was :
" We received your letter about the exchange rates difference on your refund. Unfortunately we do not pay for the difference in exchange rates. When you enrolled in the program you should have been told that you were being charged is USD.
At this point, there is no additional refund that can be offered.
Our apologies"

I had hoped with Robert's reputation I would not fall prey to something like this, and I understand that they have no control over the exchange rates. However, they did tell me that it would be in Canadian $...

You can bet that I will be telling everyone I know about this poor customer service and tell them not to bother signing up for anything.

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  • Po
      Sep 17, 2010

    Yes, i totally agreed with you. Its a total rip off. I signed up the program that caused me 7+ grand and not a single cent worth it. Robert had being advocating on building a system but, the coaching program is a total failure. The customer service is poor. i had make a enquiry and after one week not a single reply.

    Further, the what they claim personal "coaching" is another failure. They fail to connect to the needs of each individual student. they treat each student are the same and dont address the needs and concern of the students.

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  • Br
      Jan 09, 2011

    I am in the process of trying to cancel my subscription after 1 call from the coach they forgot to call
    me the next session and it is stated in the terms that if I fail to be available for a session I forfeit that session
    after the email I received that the coach forgot and did not think there was a session that week I became disenchanted and decided that my efforts were being wasted and after a session with another coach asked for a partial refund even only a two year opportuniity to view his seminars on line for free and a portion of
    my coaching fee returned as well. I have been waiting a month after requesting to have my emails and my file given to Robert or Kim, I still have heard nothing. Pretty dissapointing I think. I believe in their principles but I am not very enchanted with the follow up on customer care and professionalism.

    Australian Customer

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  • Br
      Jan 09, 2011

    As Above

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  • Al
      Aug 11, 2011

    Hello everyone,
    Thanks for the heads up. I am about to cancel but I'm not sure what phone number to call.

    I called the toll free one and they redirected me to someone else who said they recorded my cancelation and someone else will call me in the next 48 hours to check.

    I assume it'll be a salesman trying to make me change my mind.
    Can you please tell me what's the right number to call and cancel?

    Thank you,

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  • Sb
      Nov 06, 2014

    After reading and listening to several of his books, I signed up to the rich dad world website only for someone to call me regarding the coaching. An appointment was made on Saturday night to speak with the next one up would be guiding me through coaching. During the almost an hour phone call I felt like I was being brainwashed! When it came to the crunch, I told them I didn't have a credit card with me to put the payment on, so she soon made an offer of a payment plan ($799 per month for 5 months, with the option to cancel within three days of receiving the coaching materials). I kind of wanted to see what it was all about, so said yes that, had a browse through the coaching 'materials' and decided then and there that it wasn't for me. I phoned to cancel and was told 'no problem, this has been actioned and someone will call you within 72 hours'. I have missed two late night calls from them (Utah to UK, time difference of 6 hours) as I was in bed asleep. Now the money has been taken out of my account and I have written to them twice regarding the refund. Essentially: avoid.

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  • Ci
      Sep 21, 2015

    HI SBUK! Any update on your situation? I mean, were you able to get your money back? I've also sadly ended up signing for the coaching program. I think it's way too overpriced and want to cancel (and save the rest of my money).

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  • Ar
      Feb 09, 2016

    I had a call with this person named Daniel Halacy to 'qualify' me for the Rich Dad Coaching. He asked me a few questions which I did not have clear answers to because I am a young professional who is still figuring out what I want in my life. Hence, Rich Dad Coaching got me interested as I wanted to learn about investing my money using their tools.

    He was extremely rude and I expected better from a member of Rich Dad Coaching. Just because he has his life figured out does not mean everybody else has. I am a 26 year working professional and of course I do not have my life figured out. If I had my life planned out, I would not need any sort of coaching from your organization. My goal was to understand how I can use my current resources (savings) to invest smarter and better using Rich Dad tools and experience. But it looks like these guys are not interested in helping potential customers.

    I am actually glad that I am not selected to be a part of an organization that does not treat its potential customers in a respectable manner.

    Best of luck trying to find success with the incorrigible attitude.

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  • Do
      May 29, 2016

    I signed up for the coaching on friday (2 days ago). I sent an email (they required a cancelation in writing) to customer service today. I was never provided with any receipt of payment made (I paid 1/2 up front with balance due near the end of June). After reading the horrendous experiences people have had with refunds and reports of a substandard program I decided the program would not be a fit for me. I contacted my credit card company to see if the pending charge could be canceled. They said no. Try and contact the merchant by phone. I told them I would try but I was told cancellation must be done by email. Does anyone have the customer service email for Rich Dad Coaching that they know is "the one"? There appears to be several out there and some from another company with rights to RK education. ?! Thank you in advance and thanks for sharing on your experiences.

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  • Ne
      Jun 21, 2016

    I agree, rich dad coaching is only making Robert richer and he really has no concern about what is happening to the ones signing up. I cant believe after 2 weeks I could not get any kind of a refund when I found out it was nothing I had expected.I requested to cancel after 2 weeks and requested a copy of what contract I was actually bound by which after requesting for weeks, multiple times they finally produced something that was not signed by me. They can see I have not gone on the web site for a long time and Im sure know how much I have used it but it does not matter as long as they continue to pad their pockets. Very frustrated with thsi experience and broke.

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