Rewards 660 / Unauthorized charges

United States
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I activated this card in Sept.8 to build my credit so I payed $40.00, then the guy that I spoke to said that I need to schedule next two following payments, so I did, for Oct 8 and Nov. 8. I called at the beginning of October and I spoke to a guy and told him that my payment for this and next month needs to be through a different account number so he told me that that he will notate the account and make the changes, so then I had two payments that went through, one with the old account number (which the acct is already closed) and one with the new acct number, and they dont show any calls from me at all, so they said that once the payment goes through they will charge me a $37.00 insufficient fee for the $40 payment that the account was closed and that will put me ina bad status with them, so I said since their calls are recorded they should be able to look up my phone call, and of course they refuse to do that, I should not be penalize for their customers service mistake, it wasn't like I didn't make a payment on time, and I was over the limit, all Im asking is that they shouldn't charge me that fee, when I called plenty of time ahead to change the account number, so be very careful with them, so I am going to have to call back and make sure that the information was changed, which I shouldn't have to do that I should be able to trust their word.


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