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Revenue Group / Rude Customer Service

1 United States

i have owed money to revenue group because of bills sent to them from a Cleveland area hospital for a couple of years. It has been very difficult to pay when you don't get bills sent to you a monthly basis and called every once in a while by some of the most unprofessional customer service employees. I finally considered paying this billing online but i needed a reference number to do it. No paperwork no info. So on the weekend of 1/08/16 i called and left a message telling them i wanted my reference number, my name and to call a specific number, mobile number. Very interesting that on Monday 1/11/16 they called me, on my home number, and ask my ho they could help me, or something to that effect. I told him I wanted my reference number. The conversation began, He asked me how much was I gonna pay? I told him none of his business. He got angry with me and I kept asking for my reference number. He ignored the question and said ya know what i'll do i'll send you a pay in full bill to your house, you make sure you pay all of it. I told him to not expect that because i was not financially ok to do that. I kept asking he kept saying the same thing and call ended. I think he told me to call back if i wanted the number. Couple minutes later called them back using same number that called me, and got another male. Again asked for reference number, we kept cutting each other off, i was called rude and was hung up on. Now I know I am not the first pissed customer they have dealt with, and if this is how they react well they need to go through some new classes on customer service. I called a third time and got another male, and told him i was calling for a reference number. he gave me no problem. we exchanged needed info, and i asked some questions when talking about the previous calls. I did find that if you skip a payment they will not resend bills or for the following month, the company expects you to remember. They compare it to your car note, and i told him well as i understand what your saying, i DO GET a car payment bill every month. Hard to pay something you are never aware you owe if you aren't notified. Was also told they can't keep re-sending bills out to people, because of the thousands of customers they have. Just sounded to me like they have a amount of customers they can't take care of properly, and their workers don't know how to handle angry customers which i'm sorry to say your gonna get when calling about people's money. In the end it was the 3RD individual i spoke to that gave me my requested info with NO questions asked. He was calm and helpful. I still had vibes of anger running through me, so don't think i treated him nice all of a sudden. Got off the phone and guess what I did, got online created account and PAID some of the bill. I pay online because it is private and you don't have to deal with people like the first two individuals.

Jan 11, 2016

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