Resorts International Unlimited / False Advertising

1 Longwood, FL, United States
Contact information:
Phone: 866-444-8975

I have two contracts with resorts InternationalUnlimited Nos. 18316 and 18247
to rent my timeshares in Las Vegas and Kisammee, Florida. These contracts were signed in September of 2007 at a a cost of $1370.00. I was badgered into buying this arrangement by a Mr. B. Oyinlade, of Resorts International who adamantly assured me that they would be rented for up to $2500 per week. To date I have rented the Florida property once, making a profit of $50. I HAVE HAD ABSOLUTELY NO REQUESTS OF ANY KIND FOR THE RENTAL OF THE LAS VEGAS TIMESHARE, OR AN ADDITONAL ONE FOR THE FLORIDA ONE.
Resorts iInternational have certainly not fullfilled their contractal obligatons.
I have been scammed and ripped-off.

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