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I purchased a 3 year platinum warranty from who were acting as agent for I have my receipt, I paid for the warranty. I have my receipt for the online registration of the warranty with RepairTech, they accepted and acknowledged the warranty. I have my receipt for payment of TV. I tried to use the warranty for a probelm with my 50" Zenith Plasma Tv in 10/08 that this warranty was for. ) RepairTech stated to me(along with many others who have such warranties as you can see on the web) that d.buys never paid RepairTech for the warranty. They jerk you around from person to person and never give a legitimate answer. Yet, d.buys is still selling these warranties to this day. RepairTech does not respond to Better Business Bureau. Time now to contact the FTC, ICC for fraud across state lines, Internet Fraud and file a lawsuit to recoup my money. DO NOT BUY ANY WARRANTIES FROM REPAIR TECH, THEY ARE CROOKS! SEE ALL THE COMPLAINTS ON LINE ABOUT THEM!!!

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  • Le
      Aug 23, 2009

    I bought a 5 year Warrenty from RepairTech for my Sony Camera in 2007. Well, camera broke, called RepairTech and no answer. So I called the Wise Tronics the web site where I bought my camera. They no longer have a web site... No big surprise here folks. Beware of internet rip offs. I will be extra careful from now on about buying warrenties off the internet...probably not ever buy them at all. I wish TPTB would actually do something about these crooks, but as I read through the comments many people are still waiting for some kind of action while the "rip off artistits" Like RepairTech are still in biz. This gives me little hope that anything will be done at all. Best possible luck to all those who have filed a claim, I hope you succeed in your endeavors.

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