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Rehm Animal Hospital / Terrible experience

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I brought my dog to Rehm Animal hospital when she started foaming at the mouth and having seizures. This was 10pm they did x-rays and bloodwork I was told my pet had a broken neck that's what was causing her seizures and they wanted to keep her over night to observe her. When I called the next morning mo one would tell me how she was so I went by there she had not changed and he kept insisting that my dog had a broken neck ( she had never fallen) I told him that can't be because she had not fallen by 10 am that morning I was told that my pet needed to be put to sleep because she was not going to make it or she needed to be taken to Auburn University & the only way she could get in was through them no other vet had a back door pass. They charged me over $1200.00 dollars for 12 hours I removed my pet from that office to get a second option and did get into Auburn only to find out that my dog had viral encephalitis from receiving her vaccination shots on Jan. 4th and she did NOT have a broken neck! It's been a month and I have my pet home now. She will be on mess for 2 years and is still a very sick dog!!

Beware, of vaccination shots from corona. And if you want to save your pet think twice before you take it to Rehm for help because they will do whatever they can to get your money and not save your pet!

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  • Ma
      26th of Mar, 2009
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    They told me they would price match for sentinel but only from pet-meds so I brought them my print out showing pet-meds price but it was for a 12 month supply.(they only sell a 6 month price). I got a really good price from a girl at pet-meds because they price match. The girl at Rehm was going to go online to get their 6 month supply price (that would be $20.00 more than the price I got) then she was going to double the price to give me a 12month supply price that way I told her I got a better price than what was online and I wasn't going to pay $40.00 more therefore I wanted a prescription. They won't give you one. Well now I''m looking for another vet. I am also going to request a refund or Im going to call Discover and fight the charges. I was already upset with them for giving my son's dog another rabies shot in December when he got one in June, he isn't a year old until the end of this month they should have known he wasn't due and should look at his records better.

  • Ch
      9th of May, 2010
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    Call Rehm Animal Clinic and check it out for yourself. They sell 12 packs. They are less expensive than Pet Meds with the Novartis rebate. Why does Novartis give a rebate?? Because they prefer you get Sentinel from a licensed veterinarian who purchases the product directly from them and knows how the product works and will be there if there are any problems or questions. Call Pet Meds and ask the source of their products. They will not tell you. Why??? Because they are buying resold items that are not regulated. would you really buy medicine from someone who bought it from someone else, who says they bought it from a pharmicist. Call Novartis, 1-800-332-2761 and ask where they recommend you buy their product. Rehm Animal Clinic is just trying to look out for the consumer. This complaint is over a year old, how often do you update this site??

  • Sj
      28th of Jun, 2010
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    I took my dog to rehm after she was struck by a car. They gave me two options for treatment, one included an overnite stay and i.v's. the other was just her necesseties to get her back to health. of course the first option was what i wanted to do but could not afford. it would have been $600!! i had to go with the second option which was still about $400!! they looked at me and treated me as if i didnt care about my dog because i couldnt pay $600! it was a horrible experience and i will not be going back!! they are money hungry and treat you like you dont care if you dont get the most expensive treatments and medicines! its really ridiculous! my advice, go anywhere but there!!!

  • Bo
      9th of Jul, 2010
    0 Votes

    A website for complaints only is so ridiculous! A few bad experiences could well destroy the reputation of these businesses. Rehm Animal Clinic is the ONLY place I would take my animal. They are very caring and offer first rate service. They may be more expensive than other vets but in my opinion, you get what you pay for. Their high standard of service far exceeds any other practice in our area and I have seen how many run from the inside out. In the past, I also felt that Rehm was pricey but now that I am more informed and educated, I say again that you get what you pay for. Their vets excel in their fields and Dr. Metcalfe is the best ortho in this part of the country. Their vet techs and office staff are well trained and capable of handling all that is required of them. And now, they have extended their hours until midnight in order to relieve the financial burden of afterhour’s fees. What other clinic in Mobile offers that? None! And everyone should remember that there are always two sides to every story. The incidents above are told by untrained individuals who do not even comprehend the full extent of their dog’s condition. There are so many variables to the treatment of each injury or illness and so many inconsistencies with these statements… would be ridiculous to accept these incidents as pure fact.

  • Jb
      12th of Feb, 2012
    0 Votes

    I took my puppy there for its first shots and they were so rough and careless with the shots I wanted to beat someone up. It's all a money scheme. No one cares for your pet the way you do. I now and have used West Mobile Veterinary Clinice, Drs. Lisa and David Smelley and wouldn't use anyone else. Quality care at a descent price and hearts of gold. There's nothing cheap about pet care so deal with it. They need to come up with an urgent care for dogs on every corner like they have for humans. Seems to be working in Mobile and everywhere else. They maybe open til midnight BUT, don't think you aren't paying for it. There's a reason they are open this late!

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