Regency Fireplace Products / Customers ingnored

Durango, CO, United States

If you have a warranty claim they will do anything to make you shut up and go away. Our Warmhearth cracked last year. We told the dealer and he didn't even come to inspect it but said send fotos. We did and he did nothing. Then without any explanation he passed us to a distributer. We had the crack inspected by an engineer and his conclusion was that it was a faulty design and possibly a fault in the steel. We wrote to the manufacturer and a replacement mysteriously appeared at the dealers without any explanation. (He said he'd gotten it for us and that we should be satisfied). He would not come to the house to see about doing the replacement without us acknowledging that Regency would not pay for his labor, even though he knew it was covered by the 5 year clause in the warranty. Then he gave us an outrageous and padded estimate to do the work.
If Regency calls that great customer service then they deserve to be called on it and anyone buying their product should know that once Regency has their money they will never want to speak to them again.


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