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Regency Beauty Institute / Everything

1 MD, United States Review updated:

Regency is the worst school by far I've ever been to. From day one I have always had issues with the damn place.

It all started with the financial aid department. When I had enrolled, they told me to fill out my FAFSA, turn in some papers that they sent me over email, and then everything would process. Later did I find out that they had not told me everything I needed initially. For about 4 weeks this kept going on, they would tell me oh you didn't turn so and so in, so I would turn it in, and another day they would tell me that Iwas missing something else THAT THEY NEVER TOLD ME ABOUT. After this nightmare, durning my class day I received a paper that said if I didn't get everything in within 14 days I would be terminated and owe money back. After getting this paper I had called my advisor and asked whats up with everything going on, she told me that if I turned in everything the next day everything would be okay and I could return to school on time. I asked If I could fax all the documents in the morning as soon as I got to school, in which she replyed yes. I asked are you sure that I can still clock in on time, and she once again said yes. The next day comes and come to find out the office in Minnasotta was not open when I had arrived at school. I waited around for an hour and a half and faxed the paper (keep in mind I couldnt clock in because I was suspended over this) After I faxed the paper I had called to see if they got it, in which they told me it could take up to 12 hours. This was just the beginning .

It seemed like every day my teacher would come in crying because of how un organized this place was, the campus manager at the time was snobby and had this I'm better then you attitude, there was so many other things but this complaint would be pages to long if I were to continue about the things he did but its pointless to continue when he is not there anymore . He eventually got denoted then fired. Which took several complaints for Headquarters to finally care.

We soon got a new campus manager, but its impossible to even talk to her because every time you go to her she says she will get back to you soon and never does. On top of that she only has 30 minutes in the day where her office is "open."

I feel like regency will do anything possible to keep you out of school and take your hours to get more money from you. I had clocked in in the morning, the computer system had told me I had clocked in at 8 30 like it had every other time I had clocked in. When the lunch hour came I had went to clock out, and it had only given me the option to start my day. IT DID NOT SAVE THE HOURS THAT I HAD BEEN THERE. I talked to the assistant manager and she told me to talk to my teacher or the campus manager. My campus manager had not been there at the time so I talked to my teacher and she told me to talk to my campus manager so I had to wait yet another hour for her to get to school because she came in late the day that this was happening. When she finally got to the school I had spoke to her, she told me within a few minutes she would get back me me, an HOUR later she told me to pack up my stuff and leave because there was NOTHING she could do, because they cant do time adjustments "its against Regency's policy" I called corporate and they told me the same thing. THIS WAS NOT MY FAULT! They cant do anything for me even if there is teachers in the building that saw me there at 8:30 on time. I'm still fighting to get the hours back.

With this school nobody can help you. It seems like when you try to get anything resolved you are directed to another person, then that person can't help you and they direct you to someone else. You try to talk to the head honchos of the company because advising says they will connect you to there voicemail, you leave a message, AND THEY DONT CALL BACK.

Not only is everything unorganized the schools are filthy. The marvicide is never changed, the bath rooms are never cleaned, Theres spill marks on the walls from god knows what, it's just plain disgusting.

They treat us like kids and custodians as well. I'm not saying you should not clean up after yourself because you should we are required to clean our station which I am fine with, its the fact that we are responsible for keeping the entire school clean. Once you move to rehersal (when your working with clients) there is a sheet where you sign up for your station (every station has a different chore) some of the chores should not be our responsibility like cleaning the windows and doorknobs sweeping everything. Its a lot of things, Either way I believe for the money I'm paying to go to this school, I should not lose 30 minutes of my day to clean something that they should hire a custodian for. And the fact is the stations are never completely filled anyway, so there is always chores left over that cant be done and if they don't have a custodian to do them, then how do they get done, THEY DONT.

I am PAYING to be here. I should not be treated like an employee that can lose there job any second. I would transfer schools ASAP if I could pay the money to transfer schools. I feel miserable every day going here I just wish I could have done more research.

There is so much more but I think I have said enough.

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  • Oh
      4th of Jan, 2011
    0 Votes

    I'm in the process of filing a discrimination suit against Regency. If you know of anyone with a health or mental disability who has attended Regency please give them my contact information j.scott-olson (at)

  • He
      15th of Feb, 2011
    0 Votes

    Thanks for the info. I almost enrolled my daughter at Regency and after reading all of this I have read I know my adhd daughter does not need to go here. She would never be able to keep the information straight.

  • Fo
      21st of Feb, 2011
    0 Votes

    I am a former educator for RBI. I started with the company when they first came to missouri. I cannot believe all bad the reviews this place has gotten and the schools have not been shut down from the board or the accrediting agencies! I have been in the cosmetology business for 16 years. I LOVE this industry!!! However RBI is the worst thing that has ever come to the cosmetology schools. It is very scary how they are nationwide! PLEASE trust me when I say DO NOT go to this school. Yes, the campus is pretty and when you go for a tour you can be drawn in by the looks of the place, but it is a RIP OFF!!! I worked there for two years and wanted to blow my head off every morning I got up to go to work. They are the most unorganized and unprofessional school I have ever seen. They DO NOT care about their employees let alone the students. All they want is the money!!! They give horrible education, not because the educators do not know what they are doing, but because the educators are to busy trying to remember all the policies that have been changed daily and picking up all the pieces that the corporate office has screwed up! This is a school that is owned by a bunch of invrstors who know NOTHING about the beauty industry and are making BIG bucks off the government and the students money. They are a DISGRACE to the cosmetology indusrty and the day they start getting shut down will be the best day the cosmetology industry has ever had!

  • Bm
      8th of Jun, 2011
    0 Votes

    Completley agree with these comments I attend fairview heights campus; my last three days couldn't go fast enough!

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