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The regency program at the Darien /Downers Grove campus is nothing but a waste of money. Of course with any school there will always be pros and cons but in this case the cons unfortunately outweigh the pros. I wish someone would have informed me about all this before I took the program and that is why I am writing this review .The very first thing I have to point out which is quite sad is a lack of professionalism . These educators are supposed to be licensed cosmetologist yet don't know what there are doing half the time. Yes, I do learn but only from a select few. The floor manager Topi or Eutopia is nothing but an arrogant woman who is very condescending and does not know how to talk to people. The campus manager Lindsey does not stay on top of anything yet constantly says she is working on the problems. Tenisha does know how to pronounce the simplest words and is very unprofessional towards students and clients. Not only do educators talk about students behind their backs but also to students about others students . What probably disturbs me the most is that all this even goes on in front of clients . When it comes down to and academic level it is truly a disgrace. Half of these educators don't even know how to have proper conversations without making simple grammatical errors. The worst is definately when the educators struggle with cosmetology terminology yet claim to have been educators for years. It's a shame that some of these educators where hired because I wonder on what the hiring process is like, what they require and what they look for in employees. They don't act or look professional. Policies and rules change everyday . This program is very inconsistent and will not set you up to start well for a career in cosmetology. This will be a complete waste of money and I would highly looking at other schools .

Mar 26, 2014
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      26th of Mar, 2014

    Yea, this place is horrible! Very unprofessional! Topi is, well the best way to describe her is to just call her what she is, a ghetto hood rat! She looks like a man in women's clothing that happens to be 6 sizes too small. Her attitude is one of the worst I have ever come across.
    Tanisha; it's all about the pay check! She's a complete idiot! I guess I should be specific or "pacific" as she would call it, she's damn near illiterate. She's always on her phone, gossiping with students & staff, & walking through the building jiggling every chance she gets.
    Patricia; a bald head bitter old chick that burps and farts all day. Did I mention she likes to tell students who "sin" that they are going to hell? She spends more time on the toilet and asleep than on the curriculum! She doesn't know half the words in the book!
    Matt; he's an amazing educator but his social skills suck. Very racist! U'll love him if ur a professional ### kisser!
    Leanne; RACIST!!! Liar, rude & u can spot her lip liner a mile away! Awesome educator though.
    I guess I've saved the worst for last, Lindsey; she definitely had to know someone to get this position. She's lazy and just plain dumb. She sits on her ### and eats all day, nothing else. Don't expect this "director" to deal with anything! She's does not help and she brings her personal life into school. Some days she comes in pissed off and she takes it out on everyone. If she put half the time she puts into teasing her hair into the school, things would be awesome!

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