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I have been with these people for years selling my images on all kinds of products. I make a pittance on the occasional sale.

Recently they took down an image of MY 1979 Stratocaster because some strange company issued a DMCA takedown saying they held the rights to it.

They do not. I own the guitar and the copyright on the image.

Redbubble is impossible to reach by phone. They are painfully slow to respond by email.

After I sent photos of said guitar hanging on MY wall, they put the image back up.
Then removed it the next day.

I am so tired of dealing with them it is unbelievable. The right approach is to ask the vendor if they can prove they own the image before just taking it down.

My next move is to file a libel suit against the company harassing me with DMCA takedowns AND redbubble. They are both equally impossible to reach by phone."

Dec 07, 2016

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