Redbubbleredbubble service scam

My name is courtney wright and I am disgusted in your service.
I have been kind and considerate in chasing up my order that was supposed to arrive a month and a half ago!! But after getting no where I resort to a complaint.
I have had no notification that there has been any change in my order and the payment has still been took, my order was supposed to arrive early december and still is not here - it was for an 18th birthday in december... I have tried to 'chat online' and was told I should just wait longer.. Longer!! And I have tried your facebook service which is no longer replying to my messages - if this message does not receive an acknowledgment by red bubble asap I will be taking this further, I feel robbed, scammed and I will never purchase from this site again and will strongly advise nobody else to, my email address - jw. [protected] order number - [protected].
Yours sincerely - courtney wright.

Jan 13, 2017

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