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Rebath / Waste of time & money

1 United States

Looking for a full bathroom remodel, I found rebath in the phone book. When I called asking what services they provided, they stated their specialty was bathroom remodels and that they did everything from the doorway through. When what I thought was a contractor came to the home, I showed him the work I wanted done and also showed the downstairs bathroom as I had water leaking from upstairs to down and would eventually want some repairs done in the water-damaged downstairs as well. I was surprised when the gentleman took out a large book and pamphlets consisting only of bathroom and tub replacements, especially since I had told him I'd like to keep the tub we have.

It was apparent pretty quickly that this was a sales schtick for some special magical tubs (I'm assuming they're magical or something, otherwise no one could ever justify those prices) and after wasting a good 45 minutes listening to him blather on about tubs, he scribbled some numbers down and came up with $4000+ dollars for a tub area replacement only!--and that was the less expensive model! I asked what about the floor, the vanity, etc. and he said all our problems were related to the tub (???) and that rebath doesn't usually "deal with" that other stuff, just the bath.

WTH? I wouldn't have called this dude in if I didn't want a FULL BATHROOM REMODEL. Then he went with the old "ten percent discount if you sign a contract now" (said that's the way the boss wants it, so he has to do what the boss says) and I said thanks, but no thanks. He kept trying to make concessions like agreeing to take $50 more off here, throwing in a demo of the vanity and tile we wanted replaced, etc. After I kept saying no he then checked his date book and said he just saw (this was kind of comical) that he could extend the discount for the month if we decided to sign. I asked for any kind of workup for the estimate and he scribbled some numbers on a looseleaf paper and gave them to me. Laughable!

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