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Real Estate Express / Joke of a school

1 12977 North Forty Drive Suite 108St Louis Missouri, United States
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I'm not even sure where to begin other then at the beginning. In a futile attempt to save money I went with Real Estate Express. HUGE mistake. Let's count the reasons shall we. 1) The school does not give you the option of buying any of their materials in print form so you end up printing out what you think you might need. I'm on my 2nd printer and 3rd box of paper since starting this school not to mention the unending supply of ink cartridges I've had to purchase. 2) You might think that you don't need to print everything out. WRONG!!! Half of the tests have questions that are so convoluted that even with the printed page in front of you it's sometimes difficult to come up with the correct answer. 3) Often times the tests have nothing to do with what you have just learned...NOTHING! 4) Lets talk IT...or should I say the complete and utter lack of any advanced form of technology associated with this program. My 3 year old grand daughter could design a better web site. Allow me to give you an example: I'm logged in, after about 2 minutes the screen disappears, then reappears, then it tells me to log in again, which I do but it tells me I am already logged in and I must log out to log in...over and over and over and over again. They of course have tried to blame this on my computer. When I pointed out I have the issue on 3 different computers they said it's my internet connection. When I pointed out that sometimes I study at home, sometimes at the library and sometimes at my daughters house they stopped responding to my emails. Presumably they are trying to find something else to blame it on. 4.1) There is no search feature, so lets say you are in the middle of an 80 page unit and you run into the previous issues(log in to log out to log in...). In order to get back to where you were you have to go back through all the screens you previously read. 4.2) There is a save feature...that works sometimes and sometimes not so much. So lets say you're on screen 40 0f 80 and you save that screen. When you go back, your saved spot might be there...or it might be a screen that you saves 3 months's a crap shoot with the save feature. 5) The exams vs the tests. I have friends who have used Kaplan (more about that in a minute) and when they take tests regardless of whether it is a unit quiz or an actual exam they know what questions they answered incorrectly. Which amazingly allows them to go back and restudy that section. With real estate express you get the answers to the quizzes but not the exams after the fact. They are banking on you getting these wrong because in most cases you have two times to the take the exam, after that you pay $25 for each additional exam...still with no idea which questions you are answering incorrectly. And, as I mentioned earlier, the questions are often vague in the truest sense of the word, so not even having an idea of where you are answering incorrect can get pricey. They are always friendly when I complain...and trust me, I've complained. They either say they are working on it or they pretend they don't know they have any issues. My best your money and go with Kaplan. One of my friends that was taking Kaplan allowed me to access his courses after he was done with them. They are brilliant. Easy to follow, great materials, make sense are well worth the money. Honestly, after having had to replace a printer from so much printing and buying the paper and cartridges I could have easily afforded the Kaplan course. Unfortunately I'm so far into this one already I'll tough it out. Learn from my mistake and skip this on line course.

Jan 15, 2016

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