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We moved into this location two years ago. The house was rented cheap because of an eviction that had happened previously - we had to patch holes in plaster walls, put doors back on their hinges and clean out mounds of garbage. We managed to stay there because of financial difficulties and promises for renovations by the landlord, Randy Dalton.


The clawfoot bathtub's plumbing rotted out, and they would not fix the leak. The locks never set properly, leaving our house exposed. When the gas inspector came in (finally, after a month of complaining to Union Gas) he commented that the boiler had holes in it and it has been leaking CO into our home whenever the heat was on. The boiler had not been inspected despite our requests and it could have killed us.

Randy will not return any phone calls or emails or letters about fixing anything at all. Do not rent from this man or his company, you will never see anything done or be contacted back. We are taking him to the tenant board.

There are proof photos!

R&B Property Management Services
R&B Property Management Services
R&B Property Management Services

Aug 28, 2014
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  • Ra
      27th of Mar, 2015

    We would like to give the other side of this dispute to anyone looking at this complaint.
    1. The tenant vacated the unit owing us money which was issued via an order through The Landlord Tenant Board.
    2. They caused damage to the property before they moved out, which if we had the information for them, we would be taking them to small claims court for.
    3. They were supposed to leave the unit in the same condition in which they received it. They did not.
    4. In regards to the boiler, we were unaware of the issue as they never contacted us. Once we were contacted by Union Gas, we replaced the boiler within a couple of weeks. All which happened long before heating season began, so there would have been no reason for them to even have the boiler on as it was the middle of summer.
    As a responsible landlord and property management company we have many happy tenants who notify us with their maintenance issues and concerns. They are contacted within a reasonable period of time and the issues are dealt with as quickly as they can be and in order of priority.

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  • Am
      1st of Oct, 2018

    @RandyD Im sorry you have to hear this lie from this man r&b people do shut for their tennets 100% weve been living with non stop problems in our home and yous wont do [censored] . personally i dont blame them for leaving owing yous money the amount of money they probably had to pay out of pocket cause yous do nothing to fix any problems. Ice gad problem for months and telling yous and nothing gets done. So cutos to them for [censored]ing yous over cutos

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  • Op
      26th of Mar, 2016
    Best Best Advice

    Nice try R&B! More like B.S! I am a tenant of a property that is also "managed" by this company. I have been doing all the yard maintenance & common area cleaning since they took over the property a few months ago & have been photo documenting the ridiculousness. I haven't contacted my landlord yet in hopes they will actually start doing what he is paying them to do! I have been renting from him for years & he is a good man who doesn't deserve to b taken advantage of by this slack company! Do your job R&B! Earn your keep & tend your responsibilities. You are quite a disappointment thus far:(

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  • Ra
      10th of Jul, 2018

    @Opal Kucherka Sorry Opal. Just reviewed our entire tenant ledger and we have no record of you, past or present.

    I can say that the only time we do not do the grass is when there are dog feces covering it. In this case we leave a note with the tenant to clean up and attempt to do the grass on the next time around.

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  • Am
      1st of Oct, 2018

    @Opal Kucherka And if you contect the home owner they will try to evict you for interferring with others which is b.s. they cant do that its illegal . they tryed to with one of my friends called tennet board its illegal so keep that in mind.

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  • Co
      24th of Feb, 2017

    Iv lived in one of there apartment on Cumberland and had nothing but professional doing the work they did the lawn changed lightning that needed to be changed the only reason I left is new ownership upping the rent so I gave my 2 months noticed but think of going back with Randy


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  • Co
      24th of Feb, 2017

    @Conrad Daigle I had a problem with back out in my tub the broke the basement floor to put in a new pvc pipe cuz the old clay ok had broken in 3 pieces, and one other time they had to change the furnace it was changed to a new ECO one and fieuse breaker pannel was tottaly changed to breakers and all of it was changed and done within days within a week

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  • 25
      3rd of Nov, 2017

    Useless never get anything done only care about money not the properties maintenance or tenants safety. Dealt with leaky basement, an improperly installed furness/water heater, a broken door (from a break in) holes in the attic and a boarded up window. All of which were issues they were informed of numerous times but didn't even return my calls. The conditions were so atrocious I didn't want them to try to quickly turn over my place without fixing it so I reported everything to by law and the gas company on my way out.

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  • De
      22nd of Mar, 2018

    I looked at an apartment through this very unorganized rude company back in February
    Randy said he preapproved me for an apartment. But I had to still fill out application online.
    He took my money for a deposit. And 4 days before I was suppose to move he contacted me and said I wasnt approved that he would get the office to mail a check to me(my deposit)
    Here it is March 24 and I still Havent received my deposit.
    I have contacted people to try to help me to get it back.
    This is a shady company. Dont rent from them.

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  • H5
      2nd of Jun, 2018

    managers like R&B are ruining the city, property owners beware Randy Dalton will leave you with a condemned mess of a building filled with bugs and crackheads

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  • Wj
      10th of Jul, 2018

    R&B Property Management is A [censored]ing joke, I went to see one of his property's that they Run I met there with Randy Dalton . 99 Cope st is the address it was a beautiful house I aint going to lie . I looked at the place met Randy I thought he was a very nice guy a first, I called and asked where to drop off my application, they told me meet randy at another place for 6 pm, Randy was late 45 min I still Waited I handed him the application np I was then told with in 24 hours they would let me know, 24 hours went by no reply, 48 hrs went by I get a text from good old Randy telling me my application was classified incomplete as they wanted my brother who is 19 but is mentaly not I explained to Randy that my brother is autistic and he has severe mental problem he has Never rented he is on odsp, and he thinks like a 9 year old child would I said I cant fill out a seprerate application for him as I am RESPONSIBLE FOR THE HOUSE NOT HIM AND I EXPLAINED WOULD YOU EVER RENT TO A 9 YEAR OLD CHILD I THINK NOT I TOLD HIM I COULD PRESENT ALL MEDICAL IMFORMATION TO BACK UP WHAT IM SAYING HE STILL INSISTED EVEN THO HE WAS ON MY APPLICATIONI SAID SEND ME THE APPLICATION HE NEVER RESPONDED TO ME I CALLED THEN 8 HOURS HE RESPONDED SAID I DONT WORK ON WEEKENDS I WILL SEND IT ON MONDAY I SAID OK MONDAY CAME NO TEXT NO APPLICATION, 3 PM I TEXTED HE SAID SORRY I AM DEALING WITH A 20 UNIT FIRE WHICH WAS A LIE HE STATED I WILL GET BACK TO YOU ASAP IN A COUPLE HOUR WELL 7 PM NOP RESPOND NO APPLICATION I TEXTED HIM NOW HE IGNORES ME ONCE AGAIN I CALL HE TEXTED ME SSAYING SORRY NOW MY DAUGHTER HAS EMERGENCY IAM WITH HER WHICH AGAIN WAS A LIE SO HE SAID I WILL TEXT IT IN THE MORNING WELL THIS AM COMES NO RESPOND I TEXT ASKING WHAT IS GOING ON HE IGNORES ME I TECXT HIM AY 10 AM HE THEN TEXT SORRY SOMEONE ELSE HANDED IN A FINISHED APPLICATION AND WERE HOPPING TO RENT TO THEM I COULD NOT BELIEVE IT AFTER ALL THIS RUN AROUND AND BECAUSE I SAID I REALLY DID NOT THINK IT WAS RIGHT THAT MY AUTISTIC BROTHER WHO HAS NEVER RENTED IN HIS LIVE ON ODSP HAS A MIND OF A 9 YEAR OLD DID NOT FILL OUT AN APPLICATION THIS IS UN BELIEVEABLE I WOULD HATE TO BE ACTUALLY RENTING FROM HIM WHICH RANDY IS OWNER OF THIS RIDICULAS OF A PLACE YOU CALL ACOMPANY IT WOULD BE SAME WAYA HE WOULD IGNOR YOU TO GET STUFF DONE AND LIE ABOUT IT AND THINGS THAT HAPPEN BEWARE

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  • Ra
      10th of Jul, 2018

    R&B Properties would like to give the other side of this dispute.
    1) All of this transpired over 3 days.
    2) During this time Randy received 45 texts and 7 phone calls.
    3) Part of the three days expanded a Sunday and after explaining to Ashley that it is his only day off, Ashley really didn't seem to care and just wanted answers.
    4) Randy did state that he would send an application on Monday but come Monday morning had numerous fires to put out.
    5) His day ended in the emergency department with his daughter who was vomiting up blood. After informing Ashley of this there was absolutely no concern for what was going on. Only demands that her application be reviewed and approved by Wednesday.
    6) R&B was totally professional throughout this entire process. When Randy met Ashley he informed her that the application review process usually takes 2-3 days but is dependent on her references returning our calls.
    7) After reviewing the application it was found to be incomplete. We contacted Ashley to provide additional details. And yes, she did require another application to complete which was unfortunate.
    8) Another application was received for the unit and since Ashley was pressing to have a decision by Wednesday, this is Tuesday now, we decided to inform her that we had a complete application that we were processing. We would advise her once that process was complete and she could still submit her application.
    9) In the end this one disgruntled individual who is only sore because she did not get the unit. In fact, she walked away from it.

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  • Tr
      11th of Jul, 2018

    Count your blessings Ashley, I did rent from them and they are the worst. Since your brother has autism I would highly recommend finding a place that actually cares about their tenants. Try and find someone who is renting only 1 or 2 places. These people will ignore all maintenance request, then come after you when you want to leave.

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  • Ro
      5th of Nov, 2018

    Randy and his company are a joke me my girlfriend my daughter and week old son move into 991 main. After having to give them 6 months rent up front because I mentioned I had that much saved he also wanted a cosigner for the apartment when I work as a full-time welder and make almost 30 An hour. We move in and can only use the back stairs to enter the apartment(which are rotted out and not safe at all) waited 4 months to get proper keys to the building and in the first 2 months the Windows needed to be replaced. 3 groups of contractors came to do the Windows because the first 2 groups I heard say they weren't getting paid by the guy running the building so they left my Windows no where near finished they cut bricks outside of the window which is blowing brick dust all three my apartment for 3 weeks my son got sick from it and my place was covered in red brick dust after 3 weeks they were kinda finished (liveable). They also gave the Ok to start ripping down the back stairs that I use to enter my apartment (the only way into the place) without notifying me or anyone else in the building so now I had no way out and no way in for 3 days and the bottom steps are illegally spaced my nephew has fallen down them twice . The window in the bathroom was put in wrong and never sealed properly so it leaks into the inside of the edge where it doesn't drain and causes mold. And now my ceiling is leaking in the kitchen and Randy says it'll take a couple weeks to get that problem fixed. All and all these ppl are money hungry slumlords who don't care about their tenants. Currently looking for a new home
    R&B Properties are a joke

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