Ray Brand Toyota / false information

A dealer at Ray Brand Toyota in Kenner negotiated with me on the phone more than an hour to sell me a used car. He first wanted me to come all the way out there to negotiate. I refused and told him very clearly that I would not come to the dealer unless we had a clear agreement about the price. After more than an hour of negotiations (where he had to check with his manager twice), he finally agreed to sell me a used Toyota RAV4 for $100 more than what I offered: $20, 600 including certification (which means, he told me, 7 year engine and transmission warranty).

When I came to the dealer, he said he had gotten his numbers incorrect. This is despite my very clear and repeated warning that I did not want to waste my time driving all the way to Kenner if we did not have an agreement on the phone.

The sales manager on the premises apologized but did nothing else. He said salesmen sometimes believe they can sell cars for another price once the customer is on the premises and apologized again.

I find this business practice unethical and absolutely disrespectful. I wasted more than a half day taking time from my office work.

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