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Ratemds blocked my honest 1 star review. I chose a surgeon because I read great reviews on that site.
I have rhinoplasty surgery with him and he botched my nose completely . Cutting off half of my septum. I now need rib that will cost more than 20, 000 to repair to somewhat normalcy.
So I try to tell my story and my review never posted!
I couldn't believe it. I'm disgusted, and enraged with this site because I feel they totally mislead me into the hands of this surgeon.
Now I sit here and think with my botched face how many reviews that had been blocked were never posted that could have save my life.
I literally have no life now, it's not even worth living at the moment because how badly botched my nose is..

Ratemds is a total scam artist site and they protect the surgeons! Please don't take anything you read from there and make any decisions.
I never thought the world could be this cold!

Nov 16, 2017

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