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I find this website very amusing for the reason I just had a run in with Rangeland RV, which to be honest is the worst experience I have ever had with any company in my life. I take solace in the fact I am not the only one who has found Russ the service manager not only to be a bully. My story...

In April of 2016 I purchased a brand new 2015 Forest River Rockwood with 1 year manufacturer warranty. The trailer was delivered in a filthy, muddy condition underneath and there was a safety issue with a frayed power cord on the bedroom TV. Darrel in service did replace the tv and I elected to forget about the dirty trailer but in retrospect it was telling about Rangeland's level of service.

In using the trailer we discovered the radio/entertainment system's volume would cut in and out no matter what speakers were selected or whether you were using the radio, dvd, mp3 ect. We phoned service and talked to Darrel, and he said they had replaced a bunch of dvd/radios in the forest river trailers built during the same time frame and that it was a manufacturer's defect. We told him the RV was permanently installed at a lake lot and bringing the trailer in would be a major pain. He agreed and instructed us on how to remove it so we could bring the radio in.

Arriving at Rangeland yesterday ( July 14 ) with the radio I asked to see Darrel and other than him saying he wished we called ahead ( we did leave a phone message which was not returned ) he was willing to help us and find us a new radio. We were on our way to find a replacement when we ran into Russ the service manager. Russ immediately took over and dominated the conversation in an abrasive manner. He suggested it was a bad connection ( which is funny since if you google IRv 66 radio the net will light up with websites complaining about the volume cutting out on the cheap chinese radio ) Russ suggested I was being unreasonable in expecting a $600 replacement radio without having the trailer . ( the actual cost is about $300 plus shipping )

I told him I wasn't going to stand around and argue about it and I also told him I was getting sick of him giving me attitude. Russ wasn't interested in fixing my problem instead all he wanted to do was argue about the fact he wasn't being rude. I told him I was starting to get angry and I was leaving. He followed me to my truck pretending like he was interested in getting the radio. I started to drive away but got out to hopefully get it resolved. Russ took the radio and began bouncing it up and down in his hands and suggested I was being verbally abusive as well as continuing to argue the fact he wasn't giving me attitude.

Since I am a licenced mechanic with red seal I told him it wasn't my problem if their service department wasn't equipped or intelligent enough to test the radio without installing it in another trailer. I also told him that he wasn't listening to his customer feedback about his abrasive behaviour.
I took the radio back out of his hands and told him that he could go screw himself. He laughed like that's what he wanted me to say so he didn't have to deal with me anymore.

Rangeland knows full well these radios were defective and it has nothing to do with a connection. This known issue should have been tested or replaced before they sold the RV to us.
The simple fact is they just don't want to fix it. Russ is nothing more than a bully that has zero reason to be in the service industry. I guess he's lucky that he is the owner's brother and can keep a job. Russ is lucky I am a non violent person but someday, someone is going to pound his face in if he continues to talk to customers this way.
If you are reading this and considering purchasing an RV at Rangeland, consider this...once they get your money... good luck !

Jul 15, 2016
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  • Ra
      Aug 11, 2016

    Just leaving an update to this story. After leaving Rangeland I drove a short distance to Bucars RV and asked their service dept. if they could test and repair my radio. The service manager asked a few questions and then offered to put in a warranty claim with Forest River on our behalf. Steve at Bucars went to bat for us and got Forest River to send us a new radio under warranty. Its ironic that Rangeland RV which we spent $ 40, 000 on a new RV, treated us like dirt and Bucars which had no reason to help us bent over backwards to earn a new customer. If you search Bucars on this website not a single complaint comes up and Rangeland has multiples of complaints. That says it all, don't buy at Rangeland !

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