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Dear Mr. /Madam,
I Hon Zu Cheu, 66 year old and Malaysia Citizen, writing this letter in regards to my complaint against parking fine of serial no: R005127, vehicle registration no: JGK 1980 in Singapore Changi Airport Terminal 2 car park.
I would kindly request that you may consider a review of my case that happened at 16 march 2012 around 2.00 pm. It was actually my first time visit Singapore by car to fetch my son and his family from the airport. I wasn’t realized I parked my car in a reserved car park lot around 12.30 pm. When we get back to the car park, we saw your authority was just writing summon and my car had been wheel clamp, I explained to him that it was my first time and not purposely committing such an offence. And also my first time visit Singapore by car. I didn’t pay attention to the red line which is actually a reserved car park lot because there is no reserved pole stand. I thought I can park my car in any car park lot after paying by my auto pass as in Malaysia. And why I took sometime to pick up my car, it was because I thought the flight will landing at terminal 2 but I couldn't find them at all of the arrival gate. Until I checked with information counter in terminal 3 just realize that it was actually landing at terminal 1. Their flights also delay. I plead him for giving me a chance, but he ignored my request. He said he already passed the key to the airport authority office but at last I knew he didn’t. He asked me to see the office in charge. At level 2 I met Justin Lam, I and my son explained everything to him again hoping that he will give me a chance, unlock my car as soon as possible because my little grand daughter was tired after travelling. But he told my son we have to pay the summon fee S$107.00, and then can write an appeal letter to him. Meaning that he may give me chance if I pay the summon before writing to him. So my son paid the money and let him write his email address and contact no in a piece of paper (the paper is still with me now). After come back to Malaysia I tried to email him an appeal letter but can not send. He gave us a wrong email address. I am frustrated and have many doubtful:
1. Are their really have the right to wheel clamp other’s car, which is not park in the center of the road? Or park at the place that may cause to block other’s way.
2. We mange to get back to the car park before he finished writing summon but he insisted us to pay before he unlock our car.
3. There is no any wheel clamp sign and reserved pole stand there to remind people that it might be wheel clamp if we park in the reserved car park lot.
4. I go in to the car park by paying auto pass, even I did park in the reserved car park lot you may summon me but not locking my car.
5. He gave me summon which is I guess is not an authorized summon.
6. Why he gave me a false email address?

I would appreciate a response to my complaint. I can be reached at +[protected] or through this email.

Yours Sincerely,
Hon Zu Cheu

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