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[Resolved] Rakbank / The National Bank Of Ras Al Khaimah / credit card third party collection officer - (trust lawyer & legal consultants) for threat

1 Sharjah, United Arab Emirates
Contact information:

This is to formally placed a complaint againts Trust Lawyer & Legal Consultants Collection Officer named Sohail Qamar and Mohammed Samee for threatening me every time my payment with the bank is due. Though I am outside UAE, I make sure that I do not forget to pay my bills as much amount or budget I have in hand just to lessen the outstanding amount. Earlier on 28th May 2017, I had received an email from Sohail Qamar (see attached email to see the content) wherein he sent that same email to all of my colleagues in my present company where I am working even addressing it to our HR Department. Knowing our company is very strict when it comes to issues involving its employees on debts. Sohail Qamar called me on the same date and was very relax on repeating the threat to send again the same email to my employer if I will not pay the full amount. I told him that just before 28th May, I had deposited a minimum amount required by the bank on the reminder email I had received. That payment he did not even check first before sending that email verification to my employer. That email he had sent to my employer could have jeopardize my work on the same date. Luckily I had explained well the situation to our HR. Though he sent a reply to our HR Department saying that I am already in touch and no legal case shall be made further on my case, but the shame I had received from my colleagues does not come to pass as I became a laughing stock and rumors about me was already known to everyone even to other department colleagues who does not know me personally. Until today i bear that shame and insult that this collection officer had created on me. On the same date, I even negotiated with him to give me payment terms in 6 months thus I may be able to settle all the outstanding bill and terminate my credit card permanently. He told me that he will request approval from the bank unfortunately, days passed but I have not heard from him. Then just recently on 14th June 2017, I received a call from her colleague name Abigail - Filipino, I told her that I was in touch with Sohail with regards my payment request but had received any feedback from him. The same thing I had negotiated my case to Abigail and she gave me option for 3 installment plan which I re-negotiated for 4 months as I told her that my budget would not meet the monthly due. If I commit on the said amount I might not be able to settle the full amount on monthly basis. So she told me to decide until Sunday following that week or else I have to pay minimum due of AED 700. Sunday came, I send her whats app message in Filipino language saying that I will instead pay for the minimum amount due not later than 22nd June 2017. Then she told me to pay AED 900 as minimum payment. After our whats app conversation, I received another message on the same number from Collection Officer named Mohammed Samee introducing himself as colleague of Abigail. Mohammed Samee told me that he is holding the cheque clearance for me that I had made a promise to Abigail to make payment and even accused me that I am saying another things. And due to this, he said he threaten me that he will contact my visa sponsor with probable police case details. I explained well to him what I had clearly told Abigail on our whats app conversation. (see attached whats app conversation). I told him that why I am subject for police case wherein I am even willing to pay my debt, I told him if I refused and hid from you maybe I could be subjected for it. I even told this guy Mohamed Samee that I had not make any promises to Abigail instead I had informed her that I would rather go for the option of paying for now the minimum due not later than 22nd June 2017 likewise on the succeeding months, later on when my budget is fixed I might as well split my payment on whatever is outstanding to close my debt permanently. I even requested these three collection agent to provide me the credit card iban number as required when paying directly to exchange center specially I am making the transaction outside UAE. I even explained to them that I am paying previously thru ENBD local transfer but due to the current situation now it might had effect and might delay my payment. I hope RAK bank would take action on the way these third party agents are dealing with their clients as it give negative impression on the good reputation of the bank and will even jeopardize the work of their client. In which when the credit card client will loose the job because of the constant email threat from these agent, the bank itself nor the agent will not benefit from it. As the client will no longer have means to settle the payment once he / she looses the job. Banks or its agents are allowed to follow up on missed payments or notify their clients prior to filing a case, but certain methods, such as harassing borrowers, are punishable under the Penal Code.Use of threats to extract payments should not be tolerated by the Bank. The bank or its third party collection office should remind its collector that they may contact other people referred to the credit card client – but only to find out the address, home phone number, and where the client work.

Resolution statement

Customer care service did everything in their power to resolve this complaint. All attempts to contact the complainant have failed. Therefore, this complaint has been annulled and must not be considered where image of the company in question and it's services are concerned.

Dear customer, please contact RAKBANK on 042130000 or provide your contact number for us to reach you. Thank you.

Jun 19, 2017

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