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The glass fell out of this watch when it was whilst it was being worn. On discovery I went to local jeweller who is Rado agent and they forwarded the watch to Rado for repair. They advised that the glass needed to be replaced along with the bezel and in addition they advised that they had to service the watch to ensure everything was ok. The total price for this work was quoted at over £600! I was in no position to afford the remedial action so the watch was placed in its box and has sat in a drawer for a long time unusable. My father also has a Rado watch and the battery on his watch expired so he took it to a Rado agent in Letchworth and they sent the watch away. He was advised that the reason the watch battery was so expensive versus most watches was that the glass had to be removed to fit the battery. He was advised that this was true of all Rado watches. This had never been explained to me! I had a battery fitted on my watch a few months before the glass fell out but I did not associate the two events. Clearly the battery fitment was not done properly as the fixing paste failed and the glass & bezel were lost. This should have been recognised by Rado and reflected in he repair estimate for my watch which is now unusable. Surely brand loyalty is an issue for Rado? I loved the watch but the attitude to my problem as displayed by the service centre is in my view appalling. Where do I go from here? Emma Roche.

Dec 17, 2015

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