Rachel MacLynn Vida Consultancy / Rip-Off Rachel MacLynn Vida Consultancy

1 London, England, Greater London, United Kingdom
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I was duped by Rachel MacLynn in November 2013, and I live abroad and I was naive. Not a single dissent introduction so far by her Vida Consultancy advertised as the exclusive matchmaking!!! However, I had many offers from Rachel to meet for a drink and to talk further!!! I met two very unattractive and rude women, whom I wouldn't even look at on a street. Now even further scam by Rachel, I was invited to go on Vida8 events, where you pay £1000 in installments, and I was asked to pay £4000 upfront. Basically, the men and women without money, who can hardly afford £1000 are going to meet the men and women who are duped into paying £2000 - £4000 upfront!!! Rachel MacLynn runs a blatant rip-off and I feel ashamed being duped by her. Stay way away from Rachel MacLynn.

Dec 24, 2014

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