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Purity Products / Scam artists

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They are scam artists and are guilty of false advertising. They promised a free sample with only a shipping charge and they charged my credit card on the same day they shipped """the supposed free sample""" the full price plus shipping and I am sending a complaint to the radio station they are using to advertise on. The product was"" hylaronic acid joint formula"" advertised as a totally free sample and all that needed to be paid was a shipping charge.I am a senior and I was supposed to have 15 days in which to cancel if I did not want to proceed with using this product.I had to shut down my credit card in order to prevent them sending me more of their product.

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  • Ch
      18th of Dec, 2009
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    Just exactly what is "Hylaronic Acid Joint Formula"? You have no clue, do you?...Yet you are willing to take this ### just on their say-so.

    Some of you are a bunch of lemmings following the pied piper right off the cliff into hell!

    Try thinking for yourself for a change, if you know how to think for yourself.

    Doesn't anybody ever take the time to Google search a company BEFORE giving out their personal credit info?

    I can't believe how gullible people are these days. It's almost like they were born YESTERDAY, with the intelligence of a baby. You cannot trust ANYTHING OPRAH, Tom Bosley, Rachael Ray, or anybody else advertises! That, sadly, is a fact of life these days.

    DO NOT believe ANYTHING, ANYBODY says or recommends about ANY product or service, on ANY website, on ANY TV or RADIO program or COMMERCIAL. The infomercials you see on TV are the WORST SCAMS ever; they will SCAM you for THOUSANDS of dollars, if you are dumb enough to fall for their GET RICH QUICK lies!

    The PHONY BALONY NAMES these companies use just scream SCAM but apparently some of you STILL can't hear it!!!
    There is NO magic pill for anything!

    Many of these SCAM companies are not based in the USA, but you don't usually know that when you order. SO DON'T ORDER!
    Once you give them your credit info, it is then TOO LATE to change your mind, even if you TELL them you do NOT want to order before you hang up or get off the website! The "free Trial" STARTS the DAY YOU CALL TO ORDER their crap...Not when you RECEIVE the product. They delay shipping it to you so your "FREE TRIAL" has expired BEFORE you even receive their SCAM product. then they start charging your card anything they want because, technically, YOU GAVE THEM PERMISSION TO CHARGE ANYTHING THEY WANT! ALL the "FREE TRIALS, just pay S & H" is set up this exact same way, No matter which products or guarantees or testimonials they may tell you about.

    You BEST alternative is to call your Bank or Credit Card Company the very DAY YOU MADE THE CALL to the scam company, or at least within 2 or 3 days, telling them that you have lost your credit card(s). Do NOT tell them about your screw-up with the scam company. Also tell them NOT, I repeat NOT to notify the companies that you allow to take money from your account on a month to month basis your new card number! You, yourself, will notify them instead.

    Take a look below at some of the other SCAM products and services out there and there are more popping up everyday.

    ACAI ELITE, TRIAL BOTTLE, DAZZLE WHITE, Reg cure/ safe cart, Power Colon Cleanse, Erase Credit Card Debt, Colon Cleanse 3000, RezXtra, VIV3 ACAI life, Internet Profit House, CLEANSE, GOOGLE FORTUNE, ACAI BURN, ACAI BERRY BREEZE, GRANT WEALTH KIT, Dr. FLORAS COLON CLEANSE, GRANTS, 200cas Cash, Acai Advance, ACAI BERRY DETOX, Google Biz Kit, ACAI BERRY MAX, Nature Cleanse, Pure Resv, Maxaciburn, WY YI tea, HealthRezV, Tax Masters, All the free money GRANTS sites, colon cleanse, Miracle Beauty Creams, get rich quick, Tax Settlement claims and buy houses for $300.00, pennies on the dollar, mortgage refinance, Mortgage Modification, Extenze, Weight Loss, Gold buyers, Cash 4 Gold, Payday Loans, Penis Enhancements, Dating sites, Auto Insurance (US Fidelis & others), credit card relief, and all the "free trials, just pay shipping", are ALL SCAMS to get your credit information. They will promise or Guarantee you anything it takes to get your credit information!

    ALL of the so-called GOOGLE ADS are a complete SCAM, No matter which website you saw it on, Do not believe any so-called testimonial, they are 100% FAKE, PLAYED BY actors. If you don't BELIEVE me, try one or two on this very Complaints Board page, I dare you!!!

    NEVER, EVER respond to an internet loan offer that requires you to wire or Western Union any cash money to them…..These are ALWAYS a HUGE SCAM, there are NO exceptions to this, YOU WILL LOSE ALL THE MONEY YOU SENT THEM AND YOU WILL NOT GET A LOAN!

    There are NO legitimate internet loan companies….They are ALL SCAMMERS!!

    Read the TERMS OF SERVICE of ANY product carefully before ordering ANYTHING. IF you can’t read the TERMS OF SERVICE before you give your credit info, DO NOT ORDER FROM THEM!!! Stay safe …DON’T order anything from the internet, TV or RADIO. Most of the time, you can't read this until you have given them your credit information and by this time, it's too late! If they want to put you on a recurring monthly charge, or sign you up with some other "FREE TRIAL", STAY AWAY at all costs.

    These recurring monthly charges are hard to win against your credit card companies and banks because they will argue that you AGREED to the charges. The Scammers KNOW that, also. Your only recourse is to claim that your card(s) were lost and do it THAT DAY, don't wait!

    The Banks and Credit Card Companies are, in fact, A HUGE PART OF THESE SCAMS!

    We are a nation of naive, trusting people thinking we are about to get something for nothing or near nothing.
    All we have to do is freely give our credit information to a voice on the phone we can BARELY understand, or worse, to a scam website we never heard of before. We give out information to them that we would NOT give to our most trusted BEST FRIEND. It's no wonder America and Americans are going to HELL in a hand basket.

    NEVER, EVER RESPOND TO ANY INTERNET AD, TV OR RADIO AD, NO MATTER WHAT THEY PROMISE OR GUARANTEE and no matter which program or website you saw or heard it on. They are all lies. The so-called testimonials are paid actors, NOT REAL, ACTUAL TESTIMONIALS. Their Guarantees are worthless, they mean absolutely nothing.
    Do you REALLY think they would allow a negative testimonial in their commercial?

    Has it ever OCCURRED to you people to try to get these goods or services LOCALLY first? And if you CAN'T get it LOCALLY, you DON'T REALLY need it.

    It looks like almost all the companies, anymore, are getting on the SCAM bandwagon, (Price line, Pro Flowers, SMC,, a lot of the major banks) except possibly the LOCAL ones.

    Hey...By the way...The Banks and Credit Card companies are in on these scams. THEY ALREADY KNOW ABOUT THEM!!!

    They could reverse these charges on your say-so only, if they wanted to, but they prefer to continue the scam with their partners, the scammers, so they can, hopefully for them, cause you to rack up several NSF fees.

    Once in a while, a bank or credit card company will reverse all the charges and block further attempts to charge your card, but more often than not, they will screw you just as DEEP as the scammers are! THINK ABOUT IT!

  • Pp
      7th of Jan, 2010
    -1 Votes

    Company Response:

    Dear Miss Gesha,

    I apologize for your frustration. The Radio program you heard offers a free bottle of H.A. Joint Formula for just the price of shipping. When customers call to take advantage of that promotion, the representative explains that the first bottle is completely free, and if you like the product, you can remain on the Super Saver auto-ship program which guarantees a discounted price for any future orders, or you can cancel (future orders are optional). When you called in, if all you wanted was the free bottle of HA Joint Formula, shipping is all that you should have been charged. We do record all of our phone calls so we are able to go back and make certain that the offer was presented properly. Please call our Customer Care Management Team directly at toll free 1-888-769-7873 and they will make sure that this matter is resolved to your full satisfaction. We take great pride in our products and our customer service which has helped us maintain an A+ Rating with the Better Business Bureau.

    Lori Michel
    Q.C. Manager

  • Ch
      7th of Jan, 2010
    +1 Votes

    PP Response, Lori Michel...You have a female name and a male avatar...What are you hiding????

    You are a M.F. liar, you have NO legitimate, repeat ordering customers because you are selling ###ing snake oil.

    You have to steal from them with your so-called free trial scam, just like ALL the other "FREE TRIAL" SCAMS!

    No one reading this will believe you have a "A" rating with the BBB, they won't believe the vomit you are spewing, neither!

    It is my mission to dry up all these free trial scams and educate people about the dangers of responding to TV, Radio, and Internet advertisements, no matter what they promise or guarantee, no matter what the "testimonials" say about the snake oil products or services.

    People should get their products or services LOCALLY, in their home town, Or NOT AT ALL!!!

  • Nl
      20th of Feb, 2012
    +2 Votes

    I agree 100% with this because i was one of those suckers that believed everything i heard because i wanted so bad for it to be true. i actually feel sorry for Charley Brown because he has most likely been taken in by a lot of these greedy jerks too or he wouldn't be so confident about his accusations. I am grateful you have invested so much time educating the public and you didn't even ask for our money. keep up the good work.

  • Ma
      3rd of May, 2012
    0 Votes

    I ordered Purity Products one time over the internet. Over the next year, the company tried to charge me every three months for another order which I cancelled each time. I even called in and asked them to cancel my order (which they have record of). The last time of this three month cycle, they submitted the charge three times and successfully received payment from my account for something I did not give permission to order. My bank alerted me of this fraudulent charge and suggested I cancel this card, which I did. I then called Purity Products and they did reimburse me with their apologies. However, because of cancelling my card, I ended up with one late fee from another company when my old card number didn't go through. Fortunately, I was able to catch all other charges in time to avoid late fees except for this one. I contacted Purity Products for reimbursement of this late fee due to their negligent business practices. They wanted me to have my bank fax the statement showing this late fee. In other words, I would need to spend even more of my time calling my bank to get this (their error) taken care of. My advice: IF PURITY PRODUCTS HAS YOUR CARD (ACCOUNT NUMBER), CANCEL THAT CARD!!

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