Pure Nutrients / use celebrity names to steal

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Three billing names so far, Bait and Switch, bottom line they are robbing the public with deceptive practices. Use Dr. Oz, Oprah. Natures Cleanse By far the best and most comprehensive colon cleanse product that we tested. It was highly recommended by Dr Perricone on Fox News during his segment on Superfoods for weight loss as well as on Oprah Winfrey. Our of the 35 products we tested, it got the highest grades from effectiveness, easy of use, taste and quality of active ingredients. Each of our 5 testers lost between 13 - 16 lbs in roughly 3 days of use. All reported having more energy and a less bloated feeling stomach. Natures Cleanse was the most effective colon cleanse product we could find on the market. They actually guarantee your satisfaction and provide a free 30 day trial. Credit Card billed 5-6-09 by $5.95 Shipping Easy Genuine Cleanse $5.95 Shipping 5-21-09 by Nature Cleanse Pure Nutrient $88.00 Called company and complained, Offered several specials no refund, Called credit company informed them of double charges. Credit card company removed the disputed charge. Called Natures Cleanse and cancelled order, spoke with John at 4:00 PM 5-12-09 was given cancellation number jn4627902. Credit card again billed posted on 5-24-09, this time by Nature Cleanse Pure Nutrient, for the sum of $88.00, Called credit card company and again complained of fraudulent charges. This company has used three different names for billing since 5-6-09 till 5-24-09.

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