Proactiv / scam

Maumee, OH, United States

I'm ashamed to say this, but I fell for their scam twice. The first time, I'd ordered the 3 month supply from them and paid monthly. At the end of the third month, Proactiv informed me that I still owed them the total amount for the 3 month supply. This came as a shock to me since my bank account clearly showed the charges that had been made and Proactiv had indeed gotten paid. After giving them this proof, they somehow determined that the charges on my credit card had actually been made on behalf of some other person that had received shipments from them - someone that I had no idea about. I told them that either they'd made an error or this individual had somehow gotten access to my card through them. After some back and forth with the so-called customer service agent, I was informed that I would not be receiving the money back and that I would still have to pay for the shipments I'd received.

Stupidly, a year after all this went down, I decided to give them another try and went ahead and ordered a one-month supply using my paypal account. It was to be a one time order and nothing more. Well, months later, I received notification from paypal that I'd authorized a payment to proactiv for $39.86 (which I definitely did not do), and what's worse, no shipment actually followed this charge. What the heck?! Not again, I thought. I called proactiv and they informed me that they could not find my account and so there was no way to resolve the issue. The so-called customer service rep named Brian stated that he couldn't help me. He gave me a fax number, but couldn't provide me with a phone number of anyone who could indeed help. Right now, I'm sitting in limbo wondering if another unauthorized charge will come in next month with not even the product to show for it.

Jan 10, 2015

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