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My wife ordered some Proactiv from their website. There was no rhyme nor reason to the billing. My wife is not very good at keeping track of these things and the billing varied from about 30 dollars a month to over 100, and some months nothing was sent to us. 3 months ago I had her call the company to cancel the orders and the account. They complied and said it was done. The following month a charge appeared on the Visa bill for 106 dollars. I had her call again and she was assured that the accounts was cancelled. I just received another charge for them of 35 dollars. We called again and they refused to even provide a cancellation number. They said they would `send us one in the mail`but I do not believe them. This is abject fraud. We called Visa. They reluctantly credited the charges but this still means that Proactiv will get paid. I had my card numbers changed but Visa warned me that they could still try to "force through" the charges. It seems rather hopeless but if it happens again I am going to have to cancel my credit card.

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  • Li
      Sep 14, 2011

    I purchased Proactiv solution in February paying $19.95 for a special offer. I didn't like the product that much and after a couple of week discontinued it. The following month I received a package from them and was surprised. I called up customer service and told them that I hadn't ordered their product. The customer call representative was pleasant and informed me that I had a membership. I told him I didn't remember signing up for one and as I really don't want the product. He tried to persuade me to continue the membership but I politely declined and told him to cancel the membership. I also asked him if I was already charged for the product. He told me they hadn't yet charged me for it and that I had time till May to send back the package. I asked for my membership to be cancelled and wrote down the cancellation number. I also asked him to send me an email. However, he declined and I should have known then that something was not right! The following morning I promptly went to the post office and returned the product and also asked for a tracking number. It was a standard delivery. After a few days I looked at USPS website to see if the product had been delivered. It said it had been so I threw away the tracking receipt. I thought everything was ok. However, in May when I looked at my bank account closely I noticed that Proactiv had been taking out money since March. For a total of $68. I immediately called the customer service and informed them that I had cancelled my account and returned the product. The service representative claimed that they hadn't received the package and that I was being charged for it. I disputed this and she asked me for my tracking number. Unfortunately, I had thrown it away by then thinking this was all settled! Also, what I don't understand is that the representative I spoke to when I cancelled my membership said nothing would be charged on my account till May and I had time to send back the package within 90 days. Any charges would be made after May. However, Proactiv continued to charge me monthly. Since she refused to do anything about it I called my Bank and disputed the charges. I gave them my cancelation number and any other information. The Bank representative told me that since I didn't have a tracking number on me I should be aware that the dispute might not be successful. I said this was completely understandable. They put a temporary amount back in my account and said that if they were unsuccessful then they would withdraw the money from my account. I said it was perfectly fine. I also cancelled the card with which I paid Proactiv and ordered a new one. Since, no money was withdrawn since I once again assumed everything was settled. This was way back in May. Unfortunately, I received a mail from Proactiv asking me to pay the $68 . Once again I called the customer service representative and she told me BANK OF AMERICA HAD TAKEN MONEY FROM THEM IN THE DISPUTE AND HENCE THEY WERE CHARGING ME!!! I was speechless for a minute and tried to explain to her that the reason why BOA had disputed the charges was because the charges were fraudulent in the FIRST PLACE! Once again the keep telling me that they haven't received the product and once again I had to explain myself! I am not going to pay them a DIME as they are making false claims! I wish I had kept that tracking number receipt. But I am going to file a complaint against them in the consumer court!!!MORAL OF THE STORY NEVER EVER EVER BUY FROM THIS COMPANY! THEY ARE BIG FRAUDS! THERE IS A REASON THEY ARE STILL AN INFOMERICAL!!!

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  • Sb
      Feb 17, 2013

    I am having the same problem with Proactiv. Their online ordering is misleading & the charges are random & for different amounts. My credit card was charged 3 times and I only received 1 shipment (which was all I wanted anyway). I did get a cancellation email however, it says I have $100 balance ( For What!? ) I will not let this go, Ill keep calling & disputing. In total for 1 shipment I was charged $120 + they say there is an additional $100 balance (ridiculous)

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  • An
      Jun 11, 2015

    My husband bought only 1 shipment and he is going crazy just trying to tell them he does not want any more, never did, and proactive keeps on sending. He had canceled by the second and again they charged him. he sent the package back. If he would have asked me I would have told him their products are Benzoyl peroxide, which Clearasil sells for $5.99 at the pharmacy. These people are incredibly greedy and misleading. The sulfur you can buy on ebay for .99 cents as soap. What the hell do they think they are selling? People read, I told my husband the mistake he'd done. he gets me furious every month. He had to cancel the credit card and had to explain of unauthorized charges.

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