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Proactiv / didn't order but have been charged

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I ordered proactiv online because I saw advertising on tv that it is only about $19-20 for 3 steps acne treatment. However, I ended up ordered about $30 something bucks because I decided to get an extra item. On my proactive account stated that my shipment frequent is 90 days or (3 months). At first I expected that I receive same package in every 3 months but I was surprised within 20 days. They billed me $60 something dollars so I called them why I was charged for the product again when its not 90 days yet. They explained confusingly that it is 90 days supply. I still do not understand what that is so I asked to cancelled any further shipment, the customer service said I will not receive or charge for any further shipment. And if I return, I will get refund for the product price. Once I received the 2 package that they charged me, I decided to keep them because I dont want to pay for extra shipping fee that I have to ship it back. I thought I had a peace of mind because of the called I made ealier. However, about a month later, I am charged again at $29.95 and they said I will be charged again next month for $29.95 because I didn't return it the ptoduct. This is shady and seem like fraud to me because I didn't sign up for monthly payment unless they tricked me while I ordering it the first time.

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  • Vi
      6th of Jul, 2011
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    my wife signed up for proactiv last year.
    i saw the charge to our credit card and questioned her what it was. she told me it was for our teenage daughter. there would be 3 chrges of $29 dollars to our credit card and that was it.
    after i saw the 3rd charge, i called proavtiv to make sure it was done. they then said there was 1 more charge comeing and then the account was closed. that was in june of 2010. in november of 2010 i received a bill from proactiv stating i owed them an amount of $68 for a package i recieved from them. i spoke to a gentlemean named patrick that showed that i did cancell the account in june, but they sen out another package by mistake. I confirmed we recieved no package. he said he would send a letter stating there was no delivery, and would make sure my account was cancelled.
    as i was witing for this lketter to fill out, i recieved another bill from them 30 days later. i called again in january of 2011 and spoke to a eric. he said he sees where i cancelled the account in june and then spoke to patrick, and he would send out this letter to state i recieved no package (as if the burdon was on me to prove i recieved no package rather than them to prove that i did recieve it). i recieved an affidavit from them and filled it out anyway. i sent it back and that was that. then today 7-5-2011, i recieve a letter from a collection agency that i owe the money to them. i called proactiv and spoke to them about how discusted i was, and how negligent they were for this entire mess. a supervisor named mellisa told me one it goes to collections they cant do anything about it. i said what about the affidavit i sent back. melissa saked me "why didnt you follow up about it ?".
    WHAT !!!??????? I recieved nothing else from them !!! she stated they sent a bill in february, march and april.
    I said if that was the case (we recieved no letters), it didnt matter anyway. proactiv was 100% negligent of this whole situation. And i said "if my account wasnt cancelled, how come my credit card was no longer charged?". melissa said "they removed my credit card in september". i said AH HA !!!, that PROVES you closed my account !!!. they then said it was my problem., when i informed her she was being recorded, confirming that i cancelled the account and spoke to people several times confirming it, she informed me "you cant record me !!!". i said "this call may be recorded for fraud reasons". she then hung up on me.

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