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I bought a complete set of 'compatible' cartridges for my Canon Pixma printer. As soon as I installed two of them the printer reported no ink. Eventually it accepted them, and then print was hopeless; lines and scores across the page. I complained and after waiting 10 days after sending the two cartidges back, I received replacements, only they were for the wrong model. Sent those back and got replacements eventually and one fitted, the other was again the wrong one. Printer reporting jets clogged and cleaning failed to solve it, but did waste a lot of ink. After six weeks without a printer I am still waiting for a resolution, cartidges sent back and having asked me what I expected, I said genuine Canon cartidges would be the least I'd expect after this time wasted, and if they didn't sort out the printer problems I would be looking for redress. I have now bought another printer at my own expense as I need it for work. Customer service is dire. Every response is as if from a position of ignorance 'What can we do to help?' each time the history of the complaint has to be repeated. Every communication has an apology, but fails to do anything about it. Appalling company to deal with, wish I had checked here first.

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