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Primerica / life insurance

1 Kansas City, MO, United States
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We had a sales lady come athe request of a friend. I had asked what company she was from prior to her arrival and I got an answer of a "private broker". Yeah, not really! We sat down and did a "budget" as I use one daily, this seemed easy. I have her going over numbers with me and she proceeds to tell me I have a 1200 surplus a month! Funny, I have been budgeting for years as I have 4 boys! When asked how this was possible and could I see the worksheet she used and her response was "we will get this all printed out and return at the end of the week to complete the application". No one has ever returned and contacting her is a joke. I finally got her on the phone and she says to contact the bank and stop payment. This didn't work and the money was taken out. I explained to her o couldn't afford $250 a month for life insurance as my husband is union and has fabulous coverage and I am a RN with amazing insurance as well so it was really unnecessary. We were told to take some time to discuss it and have questions ready for her next visit. I did that awaiting the second visit that never happened. I asked for some documents that I could review and I was left with a pamphlet in Spanish, which I told her SEVERAL times I don't speak, and she just laughed it off and said she didn't even know she had one printed in Spanish but was conviently out of English ones. I have been trying to get a refund but I keep getting excuses and rude customer service reps. The underwriting Dept keeps calling and when I explain I have no desire to continue they say the will take note and remove me from the list. That was 4 phone calls ago... Not even the underwriters can tell me who to speak to, what "coverage" I have or don't have, nothing! This place is shady and dishonest! There is a reason they don't tell you what company they represent prior to coming to your house. They are trained in fraud!

Apr 16, 2018

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