Prime Communications / Horrible service

United States

I was and am still very dissatisfied with the service I recieved from Prime Communications. I had a satellite installed by them about 3 1/2 months ago, Their technician drilled through my electric wiring which caued my house to continuesly short out he never finished my install and left me with no tv dirt tracked all over my house and cables everywhere. I called Prime Communications and put in a damage claim for my electric wiring they sent a man out to get my tv working and was supposed to send a company to fix my electrical wiring (that silll has not happened) I live on a social security check and dont really have the extra money to spend on a electrican but I had to anyway so my house didnt catch fire. I have called this company numerous times and still have not even recieved a call back. Aside from the electrical issue, The first technician they sent to my home was completly unknowledgeable, very unkept, and very unprofessional. I felt like they just picked somebody off the street to install my satellite. If I had to do this again...I WOULD NOT ALLOW ANY REPRESENTIVE OF PRIME COMMUNICATIONS IN MY HOME. I would suggest to all that are reading this...DO NOT ALLOW PRIME COMMUNICATIONS TO INSTALL SATELLITE IN YOUR HOME...IT WILL DEFINATLY COST YOU AN ARM AND A LEG IN THE LONG RUN.


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