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Pressler And Pressler / Scam and cheating!

1 16 Wing DriveCedar Knolls, NJ, United States Review updated:
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Phone: 973-753-5100

I went to check my account balance before writing my rent check and to my horror saw that my entire checking account was wiped out in addition to a growing list of overdrafts being tallied (I have lots of automatic deductions). I'm in a total state of shock, have been on the phone all day trying to figure out what to do. The situation: it appears that a while back my banking information was stolen from Wachovia (along with tens of thousands of other people) and sold to the Pressler & Pressler law firm... they also are debt collectors. This past week, without notifying me EVER about a CitiBank credit card bill from over 10 years ago , they obtained a bank levy and cleaned out my account.

They will not furnish a copy of the account information or if it was real, a receipt showing that they purchased the debt from CitiBank. They took all of the money available out of the account and stated that there is still over $2000 owed, which they will continue to seek without my permission. I stupidly told them where I worked and they advised that they will move to garnish my salary, which would have me fired from my city job. as an RN Director of Medicare for a Health and Hospital Corp. subsidiary as soon as they are contacted by P&P.

The bank informed me that they need only be showed a paper signed by a clerk in the court that a levy has been obtained (I don't think a clerk can sign this) to deduct the money without my knowledge.

I just received a summons from superior court (Monmouth County) for Verizon bill from 2002 (they did attach a copy of a bill) and when I checked my credit rating there are numerous issues, all stated by P&P or their related companies. When I was first notified by Wachovia of the account theft, they stated that they would supply a year of TransUnion reports. I could never obtain that from them, their links did not work, but i subscribed myself and was able to remove quite a few erroneous claims (all from P&P affiliates) that did not belong to me.

The summons states that any judgments obtained will be in effect for 20 years. I am terrified that my life has come to an end. I will be unemployable and they will continue to search and destroy. How can they be allowed to continue...

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  • No
      29th of Sep, 2008
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    They did the same to me. I feel attorney gneral need to investigate pressler & pressler. I was inform from the bank
    they took 125 from my account for pressler & pressler to put
    a levy on my account. We need to fight and have legal system get after this firm for there unfair practice of law. But the judge are on the side of pressler & pressler. I don't owe this bill for 1, 581.89
    that they say I owe. I have no money for rent and electric and even to get my medince. I got ill and I can't work. So I get my retirement. So they took evrything from me. I DON'T FEEL I SHOULD PAY LEGAL FEE OF 80.00 $8.00 FOR FILING FEE.

  • Km
      17th of Oct, 2008
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    I agree they did the same thing to me, and I was actually paying them off. O called in to make a payment, I was a few days late. I paid the guy and asked them if everything was ok. He said yes no problems. The next day they levied my account for 7, 000 when I owed 1500. Then they tell me sorry it was his fault blah blah blah. Then they tell, e fax in my statements so that they know the balance before the levy so that they can have the bank reverse it. I have been gettign nothing but runaround from them since. They said I have no arrangement yet i have been paying them a fixed amount for more than a year now. People should file a class action law suit against them. Dont pay with credit debit or check or online. You should get a prepaid MC or visa and pay them that way this way there is no trail back to you.

  • Do
      9th of Nov, 2008
    +1 Votes

    Look Pressler & Pressler are NOT LEGAL at all. What they are doing is ILLEGAL. They don't buy your account from anyone and they never pay back the original credit card company. They keep all the money. This is how they work. They send me a bill and said they own my debt now. I am out of work and can't pay the bill so I ignore the letter. (worst thing you can do) What you should do is read the Federal Credit Act and the New Jersey Credit Act or whatever state you are in. Ask for proof of the debt. Not a piece of paper with your name account number and balance. You want the items you bought the whole list. Send it certified to them and make them sign for the letter. Then when you go to court you show the judge your certified letter and that they won't show proof. This crap happened to me but I educated myself and fought back. I got the judgement vacated but what I saw at court was very sad. This company who owns New Century and Midland Funding & Palasieds etc. is so corrupt. They were stealing money from the poor people who were on social security etc. They can't keep getting away with this. I am writing a letter to the District Attorney and so should everyone on here so we can put these people in jail where they belong. Call the Attorney General, the FBI, the Governor, and anyone else you can think of. WE HAVE TO UNITE & FIGHT. UNITE & FIGHT, UNITE & FIGHT. Thanks, dolly

  • Do
      3rd of Dec, 2008
    +1 Votes

    Wow, since I wrote last time I have found out so much more about Pressler & Pressler and all their companies (New Century, Palisaides, Midland funding, . Read the Case of Eleanor & Ralph Schiano. Civil Action No: 05-CV-177 (JLL). Pressler & Pressler stole $30, 000 dollars from them and didn't pay MBNA (the original creditor). The case is unbelievable. It went all the way to the Supreme Court (Judge Suter). They should go to jail for this. Everyone that has Pressler & Pressler or any companies they own after them should CONTACT THE FBI and the Attorney General immediately so they can investigate them. The Schiano case has crossed their desk already. We all need to UNITE & FIGHT. Thanks, dolly

  • Sh
      20th of May, 2009
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    I am having a problem with these people as well and don't know where to go... I am being told that I owe 771.00 to a company called Colorado Capital. I have no clue who they are, but Pressler and Pressler put a lien on my property and will call the Sheriff if this is not taken care of. They want me to go on a payment plan and don't want to hear that this debt does not belong to me.
    I never received any letters from them, but a certified letter was signed for by someone other than me. I need someone's help.

  • Co
      21st of Feb, 2009
    -1 Votes

    omg! i have been at a loss for 2 days reading all of this. even tough i have had no dealings with these terrible creatures i want to help in any way i can. i found this stuff on you tube then started digging. what i found is so shocking. what on earth are people in new jersey doing to stop this? i have sent e-mails upon e-mails to everyone. i did send an email to sj mills of and pledged my support. i would start calling that lee pressler at his job. all of this is on that website. i'm just so angry all of you have to go thru this. please email me on status of anything any of you find. i'm with you. thanks cj myers.

  • Lo
      17th of Feb, 2011
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    Hmmm instead of complaining about what happened ...why not get a job and pay ur bills?!?! Are you all really going to say you didn't have the credit card ect? listen we all have fallen on hard time myself as well... but ya know what the cards were charged off and I PAYED MY took a loan...signed a contract agreeing to repay...SO why shouldn't you have to pay the loan? So the tactics are harsh but if you would of manned up and been a responsible borrower none of this would be happening...would you lend someone money and not expect to be repayed??? I THINK NOT...So stop complaining about what happened and pay your bills...I had to...actually didn't have to chose ..I took a loan..repayed thats how it works people..this is why america is in the crapper not b/c of debt collectors but b/c of people who borrow money and don't pay it back..that actually aggravates me not debt collectors..but people who sit and complain ..but they brought it all onto themselves...It was lovely spending the money wasn't it? Aww but now cry when you have to repay money you spent..

  • Di
      4th of Oct, 2011
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    Hey I'm really sorry to hear about your complaint I just got my notice in the mail today all because I owe a jewerly store 558.00 so this pressler and pressler company is sueing me for the money, to pay back the jewerly store I have no problems with doing that, But I'm really mad at them cause they put a Levy on my bank account to try and take out all the money, that I owe the jewerly store any thoughts on this who do I call

  • Ha
      10th of Jul, 2008
    -4 Votes

    Pay your bills deadbeat!!! It never would have happened. Just because a debt is old doesn't mean it goes away.

  • Su
      30th of Mar, 2008
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    Can you give me any information on what to do when this happens my account has also been frozen?

  • Av
      5th of Jun, 2008
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    Ok so Pressler and Pressler are taking advantage of us Tax Payers and ripping alot of people off...Well I got answers and I have ways for us to fight back!!! I got some great legal advice and they are now directing me into the right direction.

    I also found out that these Levy's that they are putting against people's bank accounts are either being done 1 of 2 ways...They are either hacking into the government system or they are paying people (MOLES) that work in these Banks to look people's information up and supply them to Pressler and Pressler. There is absolutley NO WAY, they could get your bank information unless you had written them a check from that account!!! I know, cause I am going thru this myself and I work for a Major Bank.
    Judgements are being placed against consumers without them knowing, they are levying accounts without any fair notice and its out of control. They are trying to garnish wages...the funny thing is, when you try to get information from them about the debt, where it's from...they give you no information. They are very rude and the only thing they say is, you owe money and we will get it from you. I have recorded conversations, and its truly here it is...this is where we stand together:

    1st sign this Petition against them:

    2nd file a complaint with the Attorney General's Office, do a search for your state and file a complaint.

    3rd file a complaint with the FTC:

    4th file a complaint with the BBB:

    It's needs to stop and they need to practise fair. I am not saying if it is a legit debt owed not to pay it, but it needs to be fair and they need to work it out the right way, not illegally.

    For your enjoyment reading, read:

    This company needs to be stopped...I am sorry we all have to go through this, but we have rights too.

  • Kr
      7th of Feb, 2009
    0 Votes

    I am currently dealing with P&P but, unlike what seems to be the majority of experiences here, it is in my favor. This is because, I believe, I know the law and made it clear upfront that I am not ignorant of what they can and can not do. A few things everyone needs to know:

    There is a list of exempt funds that they CAN NOT TOUCH. Do a search for exempt funds and debt collection. The US Code also has exemptions so make sure you check that as well. You will need to prove that the money they are trying to take is exempt (bank statements, transaction history, etc).

    If your account has been frozen, you need to file an order to show cause (proof that you owe the debt) with whatever court the suit was filed in. This will be the first step towards lifting the levy. Usually the court clerk can help you fill out the papers.

    Check the statue of limitations in your state on debts. I believe that if a debt is older than 7 years, you are not liable for it, but am not 100% certain.

    If you prove that your income (or the money they are trying to levy) is exempt funds, you are under NO legal obligation to make ANY deals with them after they issue a release of your funds. Don't let them intimidate you or make you think otherwise.

    Obviously the best thing to do would be to get your own lawyer, but I understand that that is not always possible, especially with the way the economy is today. There are lawyers who will give you free advice or representation so check with your state's legal aid. Other than that, educate yourselves. You DO have rights.

    The best of luck to everyone.

  • An
      5th of Nov, 2008
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    They did the same exact thing to me. They are being complety paid off the end of this month and I am taking them to small claims court and suing them for all of the overdrafts, fees, time off from work, etc.

  • Mo
      4th of Dec, 2008
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  • Ch
      9th of Dec, 2008
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    spoke to my congressman, gave advise, since what they are doing is mail fraud, write to US postal Inspecter Service, Newark NJ. P P are committing postal fraud. I hope this helps. Chris 12/9/08

  • Li
      14th of Jan, 2009
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    ok, get THIS story. right after christmas my brothers bank acct was frozen. I had him call and see what was up- gave him permission to have them talk to me. Long story short, his bank account was frozen and the debt was our sisters!

    They have no joint bank account or anything. We called her and she called P&P and told them what they did is illegal. She is married to a federal marshall. She got copies of the summons, and she wasnt even served, it said it was an african american male. Summons wasnt signed or notarized.

    She paid the debt and they unfroze but they did charge my brother $50!!! He just filed papers with the AG. I cant believe this company. How are they getting away with this????

  • An
      29th of Jan, 2009
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    the company i used to work for paid most of my dept out of my pay since p & p had a judgement against me. my new company, since receiving notices from p & p have also sent payments to p & p but checks were being sent back totaling $800.00. my company is holding that money waiting for a letter of satisfaction from the courts. i sent a letter to the camden county courts and clerk requesting an answer to why the checks were returned and the reply which was scribbled on my letter stated that the judgement had been paid. i contacted p & p and they stated i now owed them intrest on the judgement. i requested that a letter be sent to me stating that this is interest(intrest had already be calculated on the judgement)owed and when this total amount requested was paid that a letter of satisfaction will be sent. the answer on the other end of the phone stated i will only get the standard letter of, send payment directly to p & p, which i received. now my new company is receiving the same letter again, inwhich they want filled out stating, when was the last time you sent payment and what was the amount. i need to just pay these people(if you can call them that) off but i am afraid i will never get a letter of satisfaction from p&p or the courts, whoever is to issue it. i need to get rid of this dept and get p & p off my back. it has been 2 years of p & p and i have had enough. they have this judgement under my maiden name even. help...

  • Ca
      6th of Feb, 2009
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    I just went to Bank of America, and realize that they levy my saving account this is the second time. Three years ago, I had my baby in Morris Town Memorial Hospital, I had health insurance for my and I. I was never charge for my medical bills, but only for the baby. The clerk never entered the health insurance information.
    A year ago, I received a letter and a lot of calls from Pressler an Pressler. I spoke to the opposite partner, but instead he told me to pay it because I owe it.
    I had to contact the director for Morris town hospital and fax over my insurance information, yet Pressler and Pressler still went a head and took my money out. I was cleared by the hospital, a public record is on my credit report and still out of $100 for bank fee, Bank of America charges. I am asking for my money and still no answer.

    Now they are levying my account again, for an account I never had. Can somebody STOP these guys. Life is too hard now for someone who can just go in your account and take your little saving, and only to wait for them to return your money and sometimes not all

  • Re
      24th of Feb, 2009
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    These people are total ###s...I am on SSD..(due to bad bad car accident & breast cancer, to top it off) They do NOT care!! They sent me some kind of form to fill out, wanted to know the value of my household items!!! Wanted to know EVERYTHING I owned!! Threatened me with the county sheriff coming here and arresting me!!! They had the nerve to (try) to intimidate me and say they are going to garnish my SS check...I get 600 dollares a month, are they going to have me living on the streets, eating from trash cans?? Going in for chemo, carrying everything I own in a shopping cart?? They call me at all hours of the day AND night!! Weekends too!! I have stopped answering my phone!! *69 shows their number, I Googled the number and it says it's P&P..I just happened to click this link! OMG..I thought I was the ONLY person they did this crap to!!! I pray to God they don't freeze my bank account!! I can't afford an attorny, I called my county's Legal Aid..They TRIED to reassure me, I don't make enough from SS, for them to touch it...*From her lips, to God's ears!!* I have bookmarked this site..I want to keep tabs on them, like they try to do to me!! I am not including any personal info, for fear they read this site too! God help us all!!!

  • An
      13th of Mar, 2009
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    Since I wrote 43 days ago I followed the advice of all the above. I sent a letter to the following asking for a letter of satisfaction of the wage execution.
    Federal Trade Commission, Attorney General, Office Of The Governor, Court Officer(who was in charge of the money received by wage execution), Gloucester County Civil Part Court Clerk, Gloucester County Affaires, Better Business Bureau and Pressler & Pressler. I received a call from Consummer Affaires who wants to pursue it, the Better Business Bureau who opened a case number for the Pressler & Pressler complaint and the Gloucester County Civil Part issued a court hearing on the wage execution for a hearing which is scheduled for 3-26-09 by a judge. My company I work for also received a letter from Pressler & Pressler stating to stop all wage deductions and to return any monies due to me and that the Court Order has been satisfied. Do I pursue this farther? What would be my next step? I am to assume I still need this to be entered into the courts that it has been satisfied and cannot just assume this will be done. I had gotten in trouble years ago with credit cards and we thought we paid them all off. They have not even told me which credit card this is that I owe for, but a wage execution was granted. Can I get the Judgement reversed by asking for proof of the debt and to what credit card company? All answers all welcomed right about now.

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