prescription assistanceThey tryed to scam me

They tried to scam me.
It started when I googled

They got a lot of info on my Mother who needs help with paying for medication.
Then in the end they called me back ( Freddy) and said they needed my address and bank account numbers
I told him I can't give you any bank account info, but I can give you a credit card.
He did not want any cards, He only wanted my bank account number.
I told him forget it.See the Top 10 Worst Companies in Huntington Station, NY
But he has a lot of my Mothers info now and I'm worried they will try to steel her identity.
I see on this site its not the first time they did this.
People like this will go straight to HELL.
They made me So ANGRY, ., ., ., ., .
It started when I used the google web site and entered in and found more then one there.

I want to hear on the News that all of the people at SCBN
went to Jail...

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