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Can't Return the Products/Scam

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Columbus, United States
I was approached by a sales rep at a stand at the mall asking if I had a few minutes for a demonstration. They told me all about all their "wonderful products" and how great they were for your skin. I bought several items and spent about $140 at the stand and when I got home, they didn't really deliver the results promised, especially for the price. When I returned to the stand to return my products, they would not take them back. They pulled out a tiny "All Sales Final" sign from behind a huge mound of products and told me I should have read the sign. The receipt also had in tiny tiny print "No Returns" but I didn't even get my receipt until after I had purchased. I explained that I did not see this as fair and they did not care, they even tried to sell me $180 worth of "better" product than what I bought! Can you believe the nerve?!?! Anyway, this Christmas season, stay away from the Dead Sea Cosmetics stand at your mall!!
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N  28th of Sep, 2011 by    0 Votes
I bought a nail kit at the beginning of the summer at the Deptford mall in Deptford, NJ. I figured that, as a bass player who can't really have nails long enough to paint, I could try something else to keep my hands looking nice. The guy was young and hot and had that accent so I let him "molest" me and I got him down to $20. Even though his fawning over me was fake, it was still kind of nice. Anyway I really hate the nail buffer as it squeaks like styrofoam when I use the white side, which makes my skin crawl, and I have to rub so hard to make my nails shine they get warm. Don't exactly care for that.
What's funny is that when I mentioned that I already had the nail buffer (technically, I bought one for my daughter a couple of years prior) the guy said "Oh, this is the NEW one" like it was something new and improved (which I knew full well was a load of crap, lol). I usually avoid making any kind of eye contact with these people and sometimes fake talking on the phone when passing them, but that day I was out shopping with my daughter and had a little money and...well...like I said, he was young, hot and foreign. LOL

About a month later I was at the mall by myself looking for a job when a really hot young girl accosted me trying to sell me the skin stuff at a different kiosk. She did the whole scrubbing my hands and pouring water over them thing. She stood very close to me a lot and I kept thinking about what it would be like to do dirty things to her. I even thought about saying so, lol, just to see how she would respond. And the look on her face when she guessed that I was 25 and I told her I'm 42 was PRICELESS. (For the record, I SWEAR by Fruit of the Earth's vitamin E cream...twice a day. You can get it at Wal-Mart in the section with the skin creams and bubble baths etc and it is ULTRA cheap...$4 for a pack of 2 jars.) She finally pissed me off though because she would NOT let up after I told her that I was there looking for a job and had only $10 in my purse that my fiance had given me for gas, and nothing else. Which was true, I even had a folder full of resumes under my arm. She kept saying that she would give me "such and such" for just $80...then $40. Plus the "free" gifts. I kept telling her I'm here looking for a job because I NEED money...not because I have any to spend, and she just kept saying "But you have a debit card, right?" And I said "Yes, but there is NO MONEY IN MY BANK ACCOUNT." Which was true. Guess it's easier to say No when you absolutely don't have it. So she finally made me promise her that when I got a job I would come back and buy something from her. She wrote down her name and number for me, and she was really hot, so I'm thinking maybe I should call her to see if she wants to have some fun outside of work sometime with my fiance and me. I'll just keep calling til she gives in. Hey, it works for them, right? Heh.
A  12th of Oct, 2011 by    0 Votes
I was forced to buy one of their stupid products (mask for problematic skin) in THE PLAZA, BOND ST. LONDON. As a student, I was unable to afford the products but felt that I should give it a go if they are as good as they say it is. I was pushed and forced into purchasing the product of which I hoped would work for acne problems. I was told that I should just try the product and if I am not confident or satisfied, I should return to receive 100 percent refund. I was happy with the conditions and few days later, I contracted a terrible red rash on my neck and face which was irritating and painful. My doctors made me to understand that the new product adopted was not suitable for my skin and encouraged me to discontinue, and so I did. I returned to the stall on numerous occasions, however was told to return on alternative days to speak to those who sold me the product. On the fourth occasion I finally return to the PLAZA Shopping Centre to voice my worries and disappointment about the product, only to receive insults upon insults from the sales guy. I was called a liar in spite of the obvious patches on my face and neck. I was shouted off when I asked for a refund and told that they do not have money in their till in order to give me a refund. The sales guy even threatened and attempted to start a fight with my partner that was arguing on my behalf. All I have to say is that these people are truly CON ARTISTS; they are rude and unworthy of consumer trust. I would want people who do not know their products to understand that the products are awful and unusually costly as well as their sales team who are liars and would say anything to grab a sale.
N  17th of Nov, 2011 by    0 Votes
Limor Foox and Mordehay Foox owners of Best Deal Inc. and Deja Vu Cosmectics, Dead Sea products.
N  17th of Nov, 2011 by    +1 Votes
Limor Foox and Mordehay Foox Owners of DeJa Vu Cosmetics, DBA best deals
A  19th of Nov, 2011 by    +1 Votes
Guys, just report them to immigration. The staff at these booths don't have work visas.
N  29th of Nov, 2011 by    0 Votes
Google "Premier Dead Sea complaints and add, banned in UK and you will find some disturbing info.
I purchased Premier products in a well known mall in SC and much of what is on this site happened to us. Even though the price I paid was less than what was full list on Premier's web site, I could find it for almost 1/4 the price from Amazon. I also received "free gifts" from them.
After my purchase, I came home and reviewed this and other web sites about complaints. It helped me to get a refund. I also found some disturbing info.
This company has been kicked out of Scotland and Ireland malls. This comes from the "Boycott Israel" web site: "Dead Sea products stalls are usually manned by Israelis, and as discovered by activists picketing the stalls in Jervis shopping centre in Dublin, the Israelis are often ex-IDF soldiers. One member of staff admitting to taking part in military operations in Ramallah whilst another in serving the Israeli air-force in operations over Palestine. Eight Israelis manning the stalls in Bristol's Cribbs Causeway shopping centre were arrested by the UK Border Agency in December 2009 for working illegally in the UK (having entered on visitor visas), and the next day they were deported back to Israel Following the arrests, similar stalls in Bristol's Broadmead Galleries shopping centre were seen left deserted."
That evening, I put a hold on my 11/27/11 Sunday's purchase which had not cleared.
I emailed the SC Consumer affairs and SC Immigration Department. I also filed through the Feds (Immigration & Customs Enforcement ICE).
As mentioned on this web site, they had a young girl which worked the kiosk who was on a temporary tourist visa, not a workers visa, similar to the UK incident.
If any part of this outfit is sending their inflated cost of the product funneling money from the U.S. for their war effort, then the Feds need to be informed.
When I returned to get my refund on Monday, I first went to the mall office and told them what I was about to do and they told me that I probably wouldn't get a refund, since most of the kiosk's don't (First clue about the mall). This company has been selling Premier in this particular mall for over 2 years and have had not complaints..
I then went to the kiosk and confronted the "owner" in private and said I was out of work and my wife lost her job and I couldn't afford $190 for their products. He then showed me the sign (which was also on the bottom of my ticket..no refunds). I told him I never heard of a beauty product that didn't have a guarantee and it was still sealed. I then told him I had canceled the transaction with my CC co. He then said then why did I want a refund. I said..."I just do". He reluctantly then proceeded to refund me the money while his wife babbled excitedly in Hebrew to him (Wish I knew what she was saying).
This next part really astounded me. I went to see the mall manager and he was busy, so I talked to the assistant manager. She sat there and listened to all I wrote above, including the part why they were kicked out of parts of the UK and DIDN'T BAT AN EYE! I then told her that hundreds of complaints from San Francisco to Hawaii were on the net, she didn't event bother to check it out on her computer in front of her. I then told her she may get some investigation from SC and the Feds and again, no change in her emotion. I even told her I had documents with me, but she didn't ask for them.
I would've checked the internet, asked me for the copies I had documented, but no. The only thing I can think of is...there is an investigation and she knew it...or the mall doesn't care and just wants the rental money from the kiosk. Yes, she uses the product also.
N  15th of Dec, 2011 by    0 Votes
I can see how people are duped by these practices, but I'm a little surprised at people who doled out hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars. I bought two nail kits at a mall kiosk for $60. Amazon lists them for $38 each $76 for two), so I actually made out on price. However, I do see that these practices are deceptive, at a minimum. The only reason I went to the kiosk in the first place is because the girl working there was drop dead gorgeous, and I pretty much stared a hole in her walking by. However, once she started her thing, I knew it was a racket. Sadly, I was still unable to resist, so I bought two nail kits for $60. I later went to the mall a few weeks later and was approached by another girl at the same kiosk, who was also very pretty. She tried a very similar scam and tried to tell me that her parents were in the same profession of me. She tried to offer all kinds of extras for free and drop the price, but I was onto the scam by then. She even rang me up after I said no thanks, and seemed angry that I was not going to buy from her as I walked away. Sorry about her luck.
N  16th of Dec, 2011 by    0 Votes
My husband and I are smart people, but we do love a good sales pitch. We knew we were getting swindled as we were getting swindled. But, in the end, the products are awesome, and we know where to find them for cheap if we want more. Our Salesgirl told us a crazy amount of lies- 'I'm pregnant', 'I'm opening a salon on 2nd floor and I'll give you three free treatments', 'this is just for you, I don't do this for everyone', 'I don't even have to do this, I am rich and have land in Israel, I do this because I believe in the products!' and on and on. I doubt anything that came out of her pretty mouth was true at all. At the end of the day we are out $800 but have Christmas gifts for our friends, and shiny, shiny nails. We knew we got screwed, you knew it too. The only thing I am sad about is that she doesn't work for me selling apartments. I'll probably go back and try to hire her.
A  27th of Dec, 2011 by    0 Votes
I am having the same problem. I recently got suckered into buying this crap. They gave me the same song and dance like all of you that have got scammed by these mall pan handlers!!! All from the Holy Land of Israel... At first the girl wanted to sell me on almost $600.00 worth of there sea salt eye cream crap. She told me that each bottle of there snake charm oils where worth $299.00 for each jar of this crap. I told her no way and that I had to go. She told me you know what I had such good sales all morning how about this and that for $300.00. I said I had to go but since I wasted so much time with her demonstration I would by something for less than a $100.00 dollars. She rang me up for $83.00 then swiped my card again for another &160.00 without my permission. I am at war with mall management and these ### that are ripping everyone that gets caught up in there web of deceit. I am in contact with the Better Business Bureau and continue to hound mall management. It is useless to go after these blood sucking foreign pan handlers. They are trained to screw you over!!!Once you hand over that card or cash...ITS OVER!!! Lets put a stop to these con artist thieves. If you think I'm being to harsh please go there and mark down the name and products they are swindling to us the consumer. You will see that these products can be found online at a fraction of the cost...Shipping included. I will not stop till justice is done. Please contact me at arene1222@gmail.com with your story. Lets put an end to these people.
A  9th of Jan, 2012 by    0 Votes
A friend and I were approached by one of the sales men handjn out free samples of the lotion ata mall in Maryland. He tried to flirt his way into a sale with the both of us, but we were clearly not interested in him, his gimmick, or his products. He was very pushy and tried to sell us the package with the lotion, cuticle serum, and nail buffer for $40 each. After asking some questions he tried to pull the " buy one, get one free " card but we still had no interest. The one thing that caught us off guard was the total disregard for privacy. He pulled out othe customers receipts to prove that he doesn't give this deal to everyone. I'm sure the previous customers appreciate having their CREDIT CARD INFO being flashed to 2 strangers. We still didn't buy and have no regrets.
A  9th of Jan, 2012 by    0 Votes
N  2nd of Feb, 2012 by    0 Votes
i got sucked in at a mall in Edmonton Alberta, Canada. He lured me with a sample of soap, and began the demonstration. After all was said and done, I purchased the mask for $140.00 and he gave me a voucher for "a nice gift they will send to me" the nice gift was $10 off when I order online there very expensive product. Never again will I get sucked into one of there scams. FYI the mask does nothing.
N  6th of Mar, 2012 by    0 Votes
I absolutley love DEAD SEA PREMIER but not at the prices I paid at the mall...totally to £170.
When I got home that day done my research went bk to the mall and complained and demanded a refund! The girl began convincing me that their products were real. I then said to her if you dont refund me the difference I will stand here all day and put off the customers about how you cheated me...heheh it worked and I got £100 back:)))) very pleased so please research the net DO NOT BUY FROM THE MALLS UNLESS THE PRICES MATCH TO THOSE ON THE NET:)
N  12th of Apr, 2012 by    0 Votes
Well, I've just read ALL of these complaints, and what amazes me more is that everyone's experiences are EXACTLY THE SAME! Doesn't matter what USA state or even COUNTRY you are in! These people are scamming everyone, everywhere!!! My experience is the same, I said "no and tried to keep walking"... I will say it up front - WHAT A SUCKER I WAS. However, I did get off a lot easier than most of you. The SAME thing - starting with the smooth talking, Euro-Chic, good looking Mediterranean looking guy, with an accent - telling me all about the Dead Sea, how natural it all is (and it may be) and then he pulled the old "salt scrub on my arm" and the next thing you know - this 2nd guy comes over and starts the sweet talking and putting eye serum on me, and eye cream - telling me that within 3 minutes, you'll see a huge difference. Well, I couldn't see too much of a difference, but the talk went on and on and the sales pitch, and then he told me the price, something crazy like $279 for the serum and eye cream - and I said "no way" and it continued and he continued bringing the price down, showing me how he was giving me SUCH a discount compared to the internet price (which he had on a computer right there to show me) and it jsut kept going. I don't know how I did it - but I finally said no to everthing, but ended up taking the eye serum for $85 (w/tax). That $85 was supposedly more than 1/2 off the original price, I think it was like $179? Anyway - same as most, even after I completed my transaction they STILL tried to keep me there and sell me more! INSANE! I walked away. Same story, he gave me his name and # and told me to visit him in another mall... seriously... ridiculous. SO - I came home, did what you all did - looked it up on the internet, only to find my $85 eye serum on Amazon for $19.99!!! O-M-G! I was SO mad. Honestly, I felt suckered badly enough to have bought an expensive eye serum, but I figured - hey, if it works, great - I bought an expensive eye cream, I don't do that everyday - and would have been okay with it. However, finding out that I paid FOUR TIMES MORE than it was worth, is what made me furious!! So - less than 24 hours later, I went back to the mall - bag and receipt in hand. The minute I walked upto the kiosk, one guy was helping another woman/sucker make her purchase and he quickly put up one finger saying "wait" (seeing I was there for a return) and immediately got on the phone starting to call "some one"... I think for my luck - there was bad reception or something in the mall, and he kept getting disconnected. There were all of a sudden 2 more guys there, for a total of 3 (none of which were there the night before)...so I decided to turn the tables and flirt with them and be nice... and said "so - do they only hire hot / good looking men to sell this product?" - they all laughed but they did not give me as hard of a time as most here. They did try to convince me to keep it, and "why? you deserve this, etc." but I said no thank you - made up an excuse that my husband was mad and told me to return it. I handed them my card and one of the 3, who seemed to be their boss and he swiped it through. Not as bad as I thought - I did think I was going to have a VERY hard time, but it went okay. HOWEVER, I am concerned that my REFUND receipt shows something on there that says: "Approved: OFFLINE" and my Charge receipt shows: "Approved: ONLINE" - and I recall him saying "the refund will take a few days to show up"... so, I'm not feeling 100% out of the clear right now... I checked my online banking, and oddly enough - neither the charge or the refund have shown up yet, so we shall see... I called my bank, and they said I should be okay - as long as I have both receipts... HOLDING MY BREATH!!! I am just shocked that malls around the country let these guys in!! They MUST get MULTIPLE AND NUMEROUS customer complaints - THEY MUST!!! I'd LOVE to be able to speak to the Mall manager. The only reason they must have allowed them there is they probably pay above and beyond the normal "rent" for the kiosk stands - since they make such a killing in scamming so many people! I'd love one day to just sit and observe them... or better yet, call 20/20 or one of those shows on them... Truly Amazing, that's all I"ve got to say - and Boy, oh Boy - LESSON LEARNED!!!
N  16th of Apr, 2012 by    0 Votes
I sat down at kiosk 2/28/12, because I had back surgery and asked for directions to rest room. As pitch began I immediately said I have asthma, allergies and only use Clinique. Salt rub looked good and whatever she put on my cheek near my nose had NO ODOR and did not bother me as it was on my face all evening. Something she showed me caused me to detect a slight odor...she said it was her PERFUME and invited me to smell it, which I did. She said products were good for 3 YEARS if used correctly. I spent @ $330...willingly...but this was after she supposedly gave me 2 products for FREE.???? ..I only got 4 !! She said I could return all as I was so sensitive. There was not a NO RETURNS sign anywhere. When I got home and opened one of the jars, it had already expired. Also, upon using products, my eyes swelled immediately and I had asthma attack. Face creams had odor...I had to wash face and still had problems. I called Chase Bank who has my Visa...made 3 complaints and was advised to keep products while they suspended charge and investigated. I did not return as I live 45 minutes from Reno Mall. Had I lived closer, I probably would had NEVER purchased until I saw how my face did...but what she put on me was NOT what she sold me anyway. I DO like the Facial Peeling product VIVO PER LEI. Don't know what I paid as no prices on receipt. Dead Sea website has it for $69.95 w/ free shipping, Amazon sells it for $22.49 plus shipping. I now have to drive to Reno to return a Clinique serum that broke me out, get copy of that receipt and will submit that to Chase along with all Clinique receipts for 2 years...I HAVE the money...I was swindled and products were switched. DO YOUR HOMEWORK!
N  4th of May, 2012 by    0 Votes
I am trying to log in but it says that my username or password is incorrect . that is rubbish. I don't believe any of it is wrong. I sent back product and they still charged my credit card. I sent the product back to Dead Sea Beauty Kit, D S Marketing Ltd, 788-790 Finchley Rd, London, NW 7TJ.
A  6th of May, 2012 by    0 Votes
They are in Pentagon City Mall now, in Arlington, Va. I don't even use makeup -- they're so unbelievably high-pressure and smooth at the same time, my head is still spinning. Somehow, from 10 feet away, he noticed my fingernails -- short, nothing on them. I don't do the makeup routine, so I was a bit embarrassed, and I honestly don't know how but somehow he closed that distance and actually was already buffing my fingernail before I knew what happened. And it did shine, and with just a rub the cuticle fell off. This does look like a product I would use. I paid for a set, and he gave me another "free." **** HE ASKED TO SEE MY I.D. WHEN I PAID WITH A DEBIT CARD, "FOR YOUR SECURITY" -- AND AT THAT POINT I STUPIDLY OPENED MY WALLET AND HE TOOK IT, SUPPOSEDLY TO EXAMINE MY NAME, BUT ALL MY CARDS WERE LINED UP IN THE POCKET FOR HIM TO SEE THE EDGES OF. I point this out because no one else has mentioned it, it makes me uncomfortable in hindsight, and I feel it helped him calculate how high he might go in his next pitch. He then immediately launched into the demonstration of the eye serum, eye cream, and the face mask -- saying something about how all this would replace Botox, or something -- but never saying how much it would cost when I repeatedly asked, somehow always managing to convince me to sit back down even though I truly did need to leave. He throws all three into a bag and STILL won't say how much it is and already is launching into another demonstration for my smile lines when I say NO, HOW MUCH WOULD THOSE OTHER THINGS BE, and he's adding it up out loud, "$199 for the X, $299 for the X, $350 for the X" and I'm sitting there incredulous, and I say, "YOU CAN GET REAL BOTOX INJECTIONS FOR LESS THAN THAT" and have him empty out the eye crap and face crap as I'm just repeating like a crazy person OH MY GOD, OH MY GOD, OH MY GOD.
N  21st of May, 2012 by    0 Votes
I bought Dead Sea Vitalyze Eye Complex and Dead Sea Intensive Firming Eye Serum at the Westfield Mall in Trumbull, Connecticut. What a salesman! Boy did I get ripped off. The salesman, named Sorel, coaxed me by buffing my fingernails. I told him I was not going to buy anything from the start. He proceeded to ask me if I minded if he put some eye serum under my eyes and then showed me how it looked in his "magic" mirror! He then proceeded to put on the Vitalyze creme. He told me that it was $169.00 a jar of each. I told him it was way too much! He showed me on his i-phone that the product was worth almost $300.00 and assured me that you couldn't get it for a cheaper price than at this kiosk! He said he would give me a deal and give me 1 jar for free. I agreed to it, thinking I was getting a great deal! The purchase cost me $180.80! I got home and looked it up on the internet and noticed I could have gotten both products for $50.00 or less! I cannot believe that this is allowed. My advice is DO NOT buy any products from the Dead Sea Kiosk in ANY mall. You will definitely be ripped off! - By the way, the product even makes my skin break out! Junk! I bought this "junk" at the mall in Trumbull, Connecticut aka Westfield Mall. Also, any reputable company would allow refunds if the product did not work or if the consumer was not satisfied with it. I have both a handwritten receipt and a credit card receipt. The hand written receipt is stamped with a no refund, exchange only stamp on it. The credit card receipt is not. I was not told that at the time of purchase. I believe I have been scammed!
A  30th of Jun, 2012 by    0 Votes
the mall ALL over Vancouver, British Columbia are infested with malicious Israelis lurking in every isles with their so called beauty product from the dead sea, which they have no clue about what they are saying. They have molested every single young asian chicks, older grandma (touching and feeling them up) aand yes even girly men (skinny jeans with men-make-up on) walking around the mall. Every time I pass by they tend to be over pushy and conning good old Canadians out of every penny. "I am trying to save you money here or "do you like your body" are the two sentences they will start their dirty sales-tactics with.
They sold my grandma a cream for 140 bucks which burned parts of her skin off. They even tried to label her jewish (she is of Native American heritage) by saying she had nice skin and later when we went to complain they threatened us by saying: "How many friends you have that you will complain about us. Israeli stick together, we sell great product and we love our country. It makes great dead sea items. We are largest makers of cream" If that wasn't enough my girldfriend (who is Korean) got busted my their dirty scheme as well but she only bought 75 dollars for their night cream. Any-How... Stay away. their product, service and attitude sucks.
A  8th of Jul, 2012 by    +1 Votes
This girls literally flirt or will do anything to sell their products..Today at Delaware Christiana mall a girl at Deja Vu was flirting with my hubby even though I was right there and kept touching him and going close to him and murmuring something in his ears..it is so disgusting how they sell their product..I love the Deja Vu cosmetics but this girls are disgusting..this is my second experience like this..

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