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Premier Dead Sea / Buyer Beware

1 Albany, NY, United States Review updated:

I was approached by a saleswoman from a Premier kiosk at a mall in Albany, NY. Michell, the saleswoman, was likeable and funny... and also a liar but I only learned that later. She started off by demonstating the nail kit and then, once I bought that and realized she had a 'live one', several other items. The salespeople are pros, they know how to rope you in, they are trained to say the right thing at the right time. This I also found out later. I'm embarrassed to say how much I spent. Once I was able to research the company and it's products I realized that I got taken on the prices. In some cases the prices on the official website were HALF of what I bought the product for at the kiosk! Humiliating. Looking back I realize I should have asked for product information, a price list, or even reviews but I did none of that. I was caught up in the moment of a well executed con. I'm mad at the salewoman, mad at myself, and mad at the company for permitting, perhaps encouraging, such tactics. The kicker is this, I really like the products. My skin looks wonderful. I'm one of the lucky ones who gets acne AND wrinkles. Woo-hoo. After using the products the acne is gone and my fine lines are minimized, especially around the eye area. What to do? Do I continue to buy products from a company that I question the business practices of? Well, I'm not sure what I'll do but my advice is this: BUYER BEWARE!

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  • Da
      22nd of May, 2009
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    Yes, these kiosk people are "con pros", they try to be extremely friendly, and try to find out as much about you to scam you even better, and, as you said, "put you in the moment" to buy one product, and than engage you in the other stuff they have to offer little by little.

    My girlfriend just got scammed this week by a guy working for one of those mall kiosk that sell this dead sea premier stuff. They got her to buy 1400$$ worth of their products, claiming that the products were normally selling for like 450$$+ and that they would do a "special price for her of like 300$" (when normal cost is like 60$ on average if you search online) . Off course it said "no refunds" on the ticket and there is a sign at the kiosk showing that as wellt. My gf felt Really bad once she realised what happen to her. The other thing as well, is they don't indicate the price anywhere, and on the receipt it does not even show what was bought exactly, just the total sum is shown(another red flag)

    Anyhow, we certainly were not going to let this happen and would fight it as much as needed to get her money back. First my gf called their "owner" who said initially, afterhearing all of our complaints about them, that a refund should be possible but to call custumer services of their business the next day. My gf did that, and talked to some other person, who was basically trying not to give the refund initially, and than started to agree on just giving back 450 at first, than like 550 and than followed by 850$$ back. If they were willing to give that much money back and maybe more if the talks persisted, it shows they were trying to make TONS of money, and make around a 400-600% profit!!!
    At this point i told my gf to not settle anything but for a full refund, and at that point I CALLED THE MALL MANAGEMENT who is responsible of the kiosk there. Once i explained the story to them, and them telling me they have received several complaints against this dead sea kiosk business, she quickly called the owner of that business and told them to give the full refund without questions. The matter got quickly settled after that call. Be aware, well at least at this mall, BUSINESSES ARE REQUIRED TO PROVIDE REFUNDS. The NO REFUND on the TICKET IS TOTALLY FALSE and AGAINST MALL BUSINESS POLICIES. Basically it is a lie!! The mall management even asked if we wanted to have mall security escort us to the kiosk to make sure that they would refund us in case they would resist it still once we get there!! We elected not to do that at first. Of course when we got there, they tried to have my gf keep some of it, but since i was there this time, the BS stopped rapidly!!

    Don't let yourself cought by their BS and empty promises. They are untruthful and scammers and they are really good at influencing people with their rehearsed scheme that obviously works and screws hundreds to maybe thousands of people each year. This guy was forceful on my gf to start with, than was trying to be really freindly with her, asking all types of questions to her to get a better feel of my gf to prepare his scheme a little better, and than tried to find every flaw excuse on my gf (in a "nice" way, which made her feel bad about herself, and which got her into buying their crap, even though she does not have the flaws he was claiming her to have!! Just disgusting to see this kind of activity happening and especially seeing those malls being aware about all this but not really doing much about it, it sure seems like to me after talking to them!!


    if a mall business or kiosk advertises No Refunds and really excessive prices on their products, it is most likely FALSE, AND YOU SHOULD CALL MALL MANAGEMENT OR EVEN MALL SECURITY!!! YOU SHOULD GET YOUR FULL REFUND!!
    DON'T GIVE UP!! It might be a lot easier than you expect!

  • Su
      29th of Jun, 2009
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    I actually dated one of these guys for a little while. Well, "dating" is a stretch but that's what I'll call it for this blog.

    I'll admit, I totally was suckered in by the sales pitch one night at the mall. Not only did I spend money on my initial visit but I was sucked in with a phone number and a "let me spoil you sometime". After the instense hand massage I figured "what the heck". (I know...I know...I was weak). Long story short...I got a ton of free products and in the process learned that the prices are marked up a TON...more than 50%. They will always offer a 'free gift". They will always compliment you in some way, but then find your flaws. They will always say "of course"...(watch!). They have the ability to play with the prices tremendously. They'll tell you that your special price is $60...the internet price is $99 (or something crazy), they can really sell it for about $30 or $40. So, whatever you do, don't pay the first price they say...even if they are throwing in the lotion as their "GIFT"'s NOT a're paying for it. Oh...and they don't think very much of the American "suckers" that they take advantage of...and yes, I am included in that!

  • Au
      20th of Dec, 2009
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    I had purchased some of their product on Nantucket this summer after some of the highest pressure tactics I've ever seen. As one other poster said, the product is fantastic but I didn't do any research either and though I don't think I paid TOO much this summer it was still way more than the official website. I ran out of the day cream and was in Boston last weekend and saw the kiosk and thought as long as I was there I'd just pick some up. They would NOT LET ME WALK AWAY - after I purchased the cream I needed (again for too much - I had forgotten the online price - my stupidity) they KEPT my credit card and kept trying to sell more. Every time i said "No I don't want any more" the guy would call over his partner to give me a "special deal" If you see any of these kiosks RUN don't walk away!! I highly recommend the product though, my skin looks amazing - just buy it online and don't go NEAR these people!

  • Su
      6th of Jul, 2010
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    Well, I have to admit that I too was roped in. I'm a guy and was jumped on by 3 beautiful Israeli women. My ex girlfriend used the other brand Swisa once before and I put some of that sea salt on one day and loved I figured I would try this brand since I was already chained down in the chair and had cleavage on me 360 degrees...

    When I rang up what I wanted...another girl would come over and sit me down...cha-ching..more products. They keep your card after the purchase to try and up-sell you. I WILL admit what I paid. Over 900 dollars for most of the products. this was yesterday in San Jose, CA at the mall on Stevens Pkwy...kiosk.

    What's even funnier is the girl started off with telling me she is single etc. Even asked for lunch. I didn't let that work on me...

    So, I decided when I got up today to smear this 900 dollar lotion package on. I was late for work by the time I ran that magnet over my head (I shave my head). I looked at their website and wow... I paid almost double..even triple for the products I got.

    Here is another BIG kicker... One I think you should all be aware of. I opened the facial peel box only to find a jar of their so-called competitors Swisa facial peel in it. Now, these Premier gals told me that Swisa is a lower quality maker etc. That theirs (Premier) is better etc. etc... yet here I sit with a bottle of Swisa facial peel I bought from Premier... I looked at the brochure all this lotion came with and it shows a facial peel made by Premier. I just called the mall kiosk and the manager told me it was the same thing and that it will be fine. I called the Swisa kiosk and they sell the SAME bottle of THEIR product for almost half of what I paid from Premier.


    I have always hated salesmen...I usually ball my fists up when I see one walking towards me at a car dealership or in a mall... I usually tell them to f off before they finish their first sentence... Perhaps I should keep the same rule against the cleavage bearing saleswomen types...

    I have attached a photo of the products WITH the 3 receipts from the kiosk...note the Swisa product on the left... and notice on the receipt from Premier for the facial peel charge... Do the math... I could have nearly flown to the Dead Sea for this much...

    Note the bottom of the receipt... NO REFUNDS.

  • Wa
      16th of Aug, 2010
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    The same thing just happened to me tday. I feel like such an idiot. I even asked her for a price sheet and she didn't have one. man, she was good. Sweet girl from India. What a total SCAM. I even said to her I would look up company and prices online and she Assured me I got a Great deal and she would even get her manager on the phone to verify the prices for me. She seemed sooo honest I said nah!
    I consider myself pretty streetwise but too was caught up in the "i deserve the right to do so, mething for myself". Oh well.
    Live and learn. I knew te nail thing worked so assumed the rest was a decent deal.
    Don't fall for the BS. This shouldn't be allowed.

  • Ro
      6th of Dec, 2010
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    embarrassed to say ..similar story. The sales girl told me the products that I was buying cost 495(too much to begin with). She took my credit card and ran it for $1300..saying I didn't understand the prices! I handed her the product and said that was not what was discussed! She reversed the charge for the full amount, handed me my refund and I was on my way. She literally followed me to the door trying to offer me a better deal!! I checked my account when I returned home and realized that there was a charge not followed by a refund!! When she did the refund she was sure to be off line!! That kiosk has no idea what they have started!! I am disgusted that someone in MA hasn't done anything about this and as mentioned above the mark up they pull on you is criminal. If you want this product go on line!!

  • Yo
      11th of Jan, 2011
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    You people amaze me... what a joke. Start taking some responsibility for your own ignorant decisions. Quit whining and acting so victimized, and research something before handing over your credit card if paycheck! None of you got scammed, you bought into a sales pitch. If you think you paid mire than the product was worth, do you honestly believe no one else ever overcharges you for anything?

    You pay 3 to 10 times more than things are worth ALL day, EVERY day... food, clothing, cars, furniture, you name it. Just because someone from Israel isn't standing there delivering a sales pitch doesn't mean there's some honest person who truly cares about you and your financial well-being standing behind every other product you choose to buy! And you are completely delusional, or a complete [censor] if you don't understand that.

    Grow up, act like an adult, take responsibility for your actions, and do some research before you buy anything from anyone!

  • Sh
      14th of Apr, 2011
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    I got suckered into this yesterday. I had just gone to the Apple store in the mall to pick up my mom's new ipod. My friend was with me and we decided to walk around the mall. We were chatting, one of the kiosk guys approached us with a little cup of something, we politely declined and kept walking. And he started to follow us. He caught up with us and was like "Can I ask you a question?" We both thought he was nuts but we were like sure, whatever, go ahead. He literally dragged us back to the kiosk and started buffing my nails. Then he brought the other sales guy over and they offered me one nail kit for 75 dollars, but wait! I'll throw in two free, because we're now friends. I declined telling them I had no money on me (which was true. I had my mom's credit card and 5 dollars.) The guy said "I know you're lying." He grabbed my arm and said he'd lower the price to 25 dollars for one kit. I told him that was exactly what I would have been paying for each kit before, how was that fair? He tried to guilt trip me into getting the stuff for my mom because it's close to mothers day, he called me a liar when I told him I had no money, and he kept putting stuff all over my hands. I kept looking helplessly at my friend and all she could do was shrug. They started writing the receipt and they bagged everything up and told me to stick my finger out, so I did and then they put it on my hand. I tried to set the stuff down and he pushed it back at me. He kept talking about how great the product was and how much my mom would love it. I told him that my mom doesn't really care about her nails at all, so he said I could use it. Then he tossed what he had earlier said were free refills in the bag saying that he was saving me 10 dollars right there. Again I tried to set the bag down and we tried to walk away and the man said he had already written the receipt so we had to buy it. I told him that I hadn't accepted to buy it and I wasn't paying for it receipt or not and he got furious. He said he had written the receipt and if I didn't buy it he would get in trouble. I told him I didn't care and started to walk away AGAIN. They continued to follow yelling at us, and mall security started to follow. The cop walked up and asked what the problem was. The man jumped in saying that we promised to buy this product and then when he got it bagged and the receipt written we just walked away and wouldn't pay for it and used the same "I'll get in trouble" line. We told the security officer our side but he didn't really believe us because he escorted us back to the kiosk and made us pay for it. I had to use my mom's card on it and she's going to be PISSED when she finds out, but I had no choice.

    These people are RUTHLESS. Steer clear of their kiosk. I know I will.

  • Si
      9th of Jun, 2011
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    They don't only scam the American's, we English holiday makers fall for it aswell. I have just come back from Orlando and spent over $2.000.00 on the full range. The product is great which makes this seem really sad.
    It was only when I saw the products online did I feel stupid. I emailed the person resonsible as he gave me a business card with his details. His answer was I got a fantastic deal only the prices on their web page are the genuine ones! I 'm suprised this is allowed to happen to people. My experience was in premium outlet and Iwalked away saying how lovely they were.

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