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We ordered a 70cc four wheeler for my son and have had nothing but problems with it since we got it and it has only been two weeks. First off, it took the whole weekend (since we got it on a Friday) to get it started. It was not getting gas because there was no hole drilled to let gas out. Then the chain kept coming off (only going 5mph) and broke the guard. We called and were told it was probably customer misuse and to send pictures of the broken part but still have not heard anything back. Right now, my son cannot even drive it because it is leaking oil and we are waiting for a part to fix it. A part I do not think we will ever see. The customer service is horrible because almost everyone we have talked to has been less than helpful and extremely rude. Once we were left on hold for twenty minutes until we hung up and called back. Only one person seemed to want to help and that was a technician and he said he would send us a part after telling us how rude we were to him, but could not tell us when we would get it. I would never buy anything from here again.

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  • Mi
      Apr 12, 2008

    Thanks for the heads-up. I was considering a purchase from their site but will pass on this outfit. I checked the Better Business Bureau in SoCal, and the company has a CCC rating. The following paragraphs are from the BBB page for PowerSportsMax... the last bit of info might help some of you who have had your calls blocked for weeks, or even months!

    - This company is a member of the Better Business Bureau and has agreed to uphold our membership standards, which include a commitment to act in accordance with ethical business practices and to respond to customer complaints. The company has been a member since 5/30/2006, and we are satisfied that it honors its commitment.
    - This company participates in the BBBOnLine program and has agreed to use special procedures including arbitration, if necessary, to resolve disputes.
    - California law may preclude the Bureau from compelling the company to arbitrate disputes.
    We know of no licensing or registration requirement for companies engaged in this company's stated type of business.
    The Federal Trade Commission's Mail Order Rule allows the seller 30 days to ship ordered products to the buyer unless otherwise specified at the time of purchase. If the seller cannot ship within the 30 day period, they are required to notify the buyer in writing of the delay, and give the option of waiting, or having their money returned within seven days. Credit card payments must be credited within one billing cycle.
    Merchants who violate the Rule can be sued by the FTC for injunctive relief, monetary civil penalties of up to $11, 000 per violation (any time during the five years preceding the filing of the complaint), and consumer redress (any time during the three years preceding the filing of the complaint). When the mails are involved, the Postal Service also has authority to take action for problems such as non-delivery. State law enforcement agencies can take action for violating state consumer protection laws.

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  • Bl
      Jun 05, 2008

    My wife and I don't have much use for Powersportmax. She ordered a 250cc. The box it was shipped in was tore up. The metal frame was mangledand busted. We wouldn't even let it come off the truck. Since then we've been trying to get my wifes money back. All we get when we call is a run around. Seems they only have one acct. and she will never return your call. When you speak to any one there, they play deaf and dumb!

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  • Te
      Jun 17, 2008

    On 5/27/2008 I ordered a MC-D13 Bali 250cc Scooter from As you can see from there website the company advertises in bold print MONEY BACK GUARANTEED Buy Risk Free etc etc. The Scoter arrived on June 10, 2008 and I uncrated it and spent over three hours trying to get it started. I spoke with a service tech from Powersportsmax after spending 30 mins on hold twice. I did what was suggested and could not get the scooter started. His description of the unit was not consistant with the actual unit. It apeared that he did not know what he was talking about. I spent over 1.5 hrs on the phone and only spoke with someone for about 15 mins. The rest was spent on hold.

    I spent the next evening working on the scooter with no different results and was told that the lead mechanic would call me and I am still waiting for that call.

    Over the next week I worked numerous hours attempting to get the unit started and running. In a last ditch effort I located a mechanic that worked for another company that sold these and paid him $60 to evaluate the scooter and in a good faith attempt to start the scooter. He recommended that we either return the scooter or request a new carburetor and try that, but he could not guarantee that would solve of problem. I spoke with powersportsmax and they stated that they would need to order a carburetor and that it could take 4 weeks and that I would need to hire a mechanic to remove and then send the carburetor. The website states that they stock all of the parts for all of the products they sell but I was told that it would take 4 weeks. At that time, I descided that I have gone far beyond what is required and what is fair.

    I spoke with powersportsmax after they received a letter requesting that they pick up the defective product (I sent the letter by DHL, fax and email) and was told that I had two options. I could return the scooter at my expense or I could remove the engine and return the engine for repair. I ordered a working scooter and both of these options are unacceptable and not what I agreed to. The website states that they provide great technical support, but the tech could not even describe the scooter set up nor design. The website states that there is no need to worry about parts nor how to assemble the scooter but they want me to become a mechanic or hire one to repair the defective scooter that was sent in lieu of the Hassel free, Risk Free Scooter that I purchased. Additionally they state that they will not accept a scooter that has been worked on...

    The scooter that was delivered was not what I purchased. I ordered this unit because they advertise a Risk Free, money back product. After trying to resolve the issue with the merchant and going beyond my responsibilities (hiring mechanic) I am trying this route. Additionally I have a call into a lawyer in California.

    If you have had a similar experience, please email me, I am commencing a proactive campaign.

    Agent for Service of Process is the wife
    Jie Dou

    3725 Colorado St
    West Covina, CA 91792
    The husband is
    William Chow
    Fax [protected]

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  • Te
      Jun 17, 2008

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  • Ty
      Jul 02, 2008

    any luck on finding an attorney in CA, or maybe class action?

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  • Jo
      Jul 03, 2008

    FOR YOUR INFORMATLION: This company also does the same stuff with another Company called Bike2Go, who messed up my order and when you call you sometimes get powersports, and I have talked to both plus DeealInc. It seems they are located all over Californis and act like they don't know the other companies. Trying to get a windshield and luggage rack was impossible as they (bike2go) said they didn't make either. but my Sicily 50 cc is made for at least 4 other company's and they have luggage racks and some have windshields. My bike is a Roketa and when you call Roketa they say I have to go through the Dealor. Roketa is located in Ontario Ca. and says they don't know Bike2Go and can't sell parts in California and from the address they are only 1 or 2 miles from Bike2Go. I'm done with anything made in China or any Chinese Company. I can't believe California hasn't done something to these crooks.

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  • Er
      Jul 24, 2008

    Purchase Atv To12 utility atv from on internet web
    called confirm order usin bike2go number got powersportsmax said same co.

    recieved totally different atv of less value
    Used / Demo
    Scuffed up missing parts
    broken seat
    left fender
    missing bumper
    not even utility atv

    reluctant to make good on THEIR error

    Fill ecomplaint with credit card
    attorney general office

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  • Ch
      Aug 12, 2008

    Please notify me if you find an attorny willing to take several cases. I am willing to help. I could also help with giving my similar story. I filed a coplaint with the BBB, has this helped you any

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