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Postgraduate Diploma In Accounting And Finance / Refund

1 EC1N 2LLLondon, England, Greater London, United Kingdom
Contact information:

My name is Haider Ijaz. Student ID A4050497, Ticket ID 11684.
I am just giving here a summary of what has been done to me and how I have been misinformed and after applying refund it's been about two months that I have NOT heard anything regarding my ticket which is now resulting as a barrier in my studies ahead as all my money has been ripped by the college.

I had applied to LSBF Toronto Campus originally as an ACCA student. I then withdrew my visa application and transferred to London Campus as an ACCA student. I was informed of the Postgraduate Diploma in Accounting & Finance that was being offered then in partnership with LMU. I just had to pass two of my ACCA papers to be transferred to it. I did that and applied to be transferred in August 2012. Originally, my consultant was Paul Sargent but he used to reply really late that's why Jessica Trice dealt with my situation more and more.

On 30 August, the licence of LMU was revoked. I contacted jessica to confirm that what will now happen of my course. She told me that everything will be same and LSBF will issue their own CAS which means that I won't have any working rights. I agreed to it and I did all the necessary steps for my CAS which included making a deposit in addition to the money transferred from Toronto Campus, ACCA course. I used to receive calls from Credit Control about the remaining fee for which I told them that I will pay in instalments.

I got my CAS in October and applied for my visa which was successful and I was granted visa on November 1, 2012. I decided to travel to London on December 13, 2012. I had registered for two ACCA exams in December 2012 session which I had to skip because of my travel preparations. Before travelling to London, I asked Jessica about my classes and she said I will get an email near to my course start date which was January 7, 2013. Just a day before travelling to London, I received this call from Credit Control who told me that I have to pay my fee. When I told them about the instalments, the person on the phone told me a totally different story about instalments telling me that I must pay 50% of the remaining fee initially then pay the remaining 50% in 4 monthly instalments with an excess charge of £50 per month. I was really annoyed at not being informed of this before.

I reached London on December 13, 2012. I called the college to ask of my course and instead of giving me any information they transferred me to Haron Kaburi in credit contorl, who asked me to come and pay my fee straight away. HE DIDN'T TELL ME A WORD ABOUT MY COURSE OR MY CLASSES!

I nonetheless went to college on December 18, deposited my fee and was told to visit administration for my course. I went there and they told me literally nothing. The two ladies at the counter discussed for minutes between them about the course and then agreed to call me back on January 7.

When I went back on January 7, 2013 to finally get something about my classes, one of the two ladies who had asked me to come back last time told me that my course had been cancelled. She apologized for NOT letting me know about it on December 18. I was totally shocked to hear the news. I had travelled miles, left my home, spent alot of money to get there to study in the college that I believed to be one of the best in the business right now.

She then gave me choices to select from but I refused to study anything else as it was useless for me to study ACCA now with only four papers left which I already had been studying on my own. I preferred refund and she gave me the process for it BUT asked me to first contact Paul Sargent before taking any steps so that may be another way can be found out for me.

Back home, my mother got seriously ill due to this mental torture and trauma by the college. I had constant headache for weeks resulting in Migraine. It was a shock for my parents who had spent their entire savings on this one visit to get me to UK.

Paul then mailed me to inform on January 8 that my course had been cancelled assuming that I wasn't in London. In the mails that I exchanged with him, he first told me to do ACCA and I refused the offer as I told him I only have FOUR papers left. Then later he mentioned I can't have refund because I am already in London (The height of miscommunication because different story had been told by the lady at the counter, her name was Fatima Jeeto). And then in another email he just claimed about some terms and conditions on the website stating that the college can change the course on their own without giving any information to students and force it UPON them which is a little absurd because there were no such terms and conditions on the application form that I have with me nor was it mentioned about ANY terms and conditions on THE WEBSITE that I have to comply with.

I had already wasted alot of my money and my precious time, not missing the fact that my parents were ill, so I decided to travel back to Pakistan on January 12, 2013.

I submitted my refund ticket and have been waiting since to hear back.

I don't know how will I continue my education. I have been waiting patiently. I have paid about £3317 for my fee and £1800 for my travel expenses including ticket, accommodation and other necessary travel arrangements.

I have been waiting for long and I haven't heard back. I need a decision on my ticket but I am not getting one, It's been more than 45 days. I submitted it back in January.

Apr 9, 2013

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