POS Malaysia JernatutI am complaining about the post man who deliver letters to my home recently

As he came to deliver letter, he used a lapstick and hit my dogs. My dog even never went to bite him ; but he still does it. What the hell he have done like that ? He don't have such rights to do like this. He should be dismissed from work and he must asked apologised for this. He is a Malay man and his bike number is WYX 5735. He is post man from Jerantut. According to kebajikan haiwan rules ; we can't hurt any animals without the accurate reason. This action must be taken ; if not I'll complain to police and make this issue as bigger as I can. I have all the proves such as CCTV evidence and the picture of lapstick that he used. Moreover this kind of rubber band ; a thick one with a dull yellow colour only been used at post office. He should be dismissed. This is not my first time ; he have repeatedly doing this many times. My dog has injured as well and it has fainted. He should realised his mistake and asked apologise. If not I'll make this issue bigger. Thank you and spread love to others. Only love can heal this world.

Dec 05, 2018

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