Pop Telecom / broadband

I placed an order for home phone and broadband early september i finally got activation date for 27/10/17 on the 23/10/17 39.00 was taken from my bank despite it was meant to be 23.00 per month router arrived 23/10/17 plugged in continuous red light no internet spent hr on phone getting toldto try set it through laptop nothing after many unanswered emails and promised phonecalls was told to return it with promise of would be reconfigured and sent 1st class return post i paid amost 4.00 to return it after 4 days still no router unanswered emails i eventually spoke to female who said no signal from router trying to explain i didnt have a router was horrendous.yesterday router got delivered same scenario now to be told all deta
ils have been scrubbed from router and i have to return it under no circumstances is that happening if i dont receive a new working unit within 48 hours i want my money refunded immediately ofcom and ombudsman are being contacted as this is fraud

Nov 16, 2017

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