Bought a brand new RZR-S for $14K. Soon after I began hearing that the air filter on the vehicle was allowing dust to infiltrate the motor. Since my unit did not see much use I kept a close eye on this while contacting my dealer regarding this problem. The dealer denied any such problem existed even though owner forums listed event after event of Polaris being notified of the problem and extreme cases of RZR units seizing their motors under warranty. Without warning I received a new "updated" air filter with instructions to throw out the original air filter. OK. Soon after I began using the vehicle (during the first 25 hours of use) the left rear axle came out of the rear carrier (rearend) I brought it to a local Polaris dealer and explained that there have been many instances of the left rear axle falling out. I also gave part numbers (old and new) since Polaris had begun replacing the rear axles and carriers since discovering a defect on early manufacture dates. again the dealer denied any knowledge of a problem, fixed the axle by placing it back in... and attempted to charge me $90. for labor on warranty job. After causing a scene in the dealership regarding paying labor on a warranty claim, they dropped the charges. Bad for new customers to see this kind of stuff I guess... So now I have a $14K toy that Im nervous about owning. With barely break in miles on it, Im now off to my home dealer to purchase a 5 year extended warranty on it...Just In Case. Polaris should be more forthcoming with info. If they are finding problems on their machines they should step up and fix them. Their customer service stinks. Plus there's no way to contact the company without going through the local dealer network. This waters down the dialogue and things get lost in the translation. In today's economic climate companies offering big ticket toys had better learn that to keep sales rolling, stellar customer service is expected. Very disappointed.


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