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Pods has the worst customer service I have ever dealt with! Every person I have spoken to has done nothing but lie! I haven't even gotten my pod delivered yet. When I first agreed to use their service I was told by their representative that that the billing was going to be as follows; that they would be taking $500.00 before they would deliver the pod on august 11, 2009 and the balance would be taken out on august 18th before they delivered the pod on the 22nd of august. On august 12th I noticed there was money missing from my account and when I checked with my bank they said the pods was taking money out at $500.00 dollar intervals when I inquired with someone at the pods office they said someone made a mistake and the money taken was to cover the balance, this wasn't any real problem I owed the money and it should be paid. The representive should have just told me that was how they were going to do it instead of lying. Now on friday august 21st I called the pods company at 1:30pm to make sure that thay would be delivering the pod on saturday august 22nd being I had hired two men a truck to unload the pod, and they told if thier was any changes to call them before the end of the day on friday or they would have to charge me the minimum of two hours if I called them later then that. The reprentsive from pods said everything was ok and the pod would be there on saturday. When I got back to the place we're staying at and opened my email at 5:30pm. Pods sent me a email stating that the pod would be delivered on monday august 24 and it was going to be picked up on tuesday and a invoice for $1, 885.98. Not a phone call or an email! Now i'm really stuck! I'm suppose to start a new job on monday I have two movers coming on saturday and no way to call anyone because of a email and not a simple phone call which could have probable prevented some of this nightmare. When I called the pods company again I was lied to, when I asked for someone in charge, they transferred me to a lady in texas. She made a note of the incident and told me no one would be available until monday to deal with my problem! 7:00pm I get a phone call from a lady whom claims to be a representative from the pods company, the rudest person I have ever dealt with, this person wold not let me finish a single sentence, kept cutting me off no matter what I said no matter how I tried to explain my situation! She could care less and all she kept repeating every time I spoke was all any pods representative would do for me was refund me $200.00. I couldn't even inquire about the $1, 885.98 invoice because she wouldn't let me speak. Now i'm out a days pay, the minimum for two men and a truck, and I haven't even received my pod yet and every person that I have spoken with the at the pods company could care less. I could only imagine what my furnatue is going to look like when and if I ever receive it, if the people in their offices don't care about their customers how could their drivers care about what their doing! By the way, we wanted to be in our new place not only because I was supposed to start working on monday, but my 9 year old son starts school then also!

Being in sales myself and coming from an office that was numder one in sales and customer service last year on the east coast I truly know that this is no way to treat any customer.

Karl landherr


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      Mar 04, 2010

    We are in receipt of your complaint with PODS Enterprises, Inc and we are concerned about the service you are reporting. We would like to assist with bringing some resolution to the situation. Would you please provide your PODS Enterprises, Inc. account information via email address below and we would be happy to assist. We have also provided a toll free number for your reference.

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