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I hope some one can help me plus 500 took 3, 000 euros from me
And I traded Oil, and gold on line with this company and the prices were different
From Bloomberg news I new there done thing wrong with there prices so i try to stop and sell and the software froze and did not alow me to get out of this trade and finally when the software responded I had Lost 2, 200 euros and I asked for my blance back from this company and it has been over 1 month I have sending them e mails and still noting there are asking me to provide more personal information and provided them with my passport phone bill my drivers license and phone bill and still they are not responding to my e mails, can some help ?

Jan 25, 2015
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  • El
      Jul 21, 2015

    I traded with Pus500 since 2009. I did very badly and was losing most trades until maybe 2010 when things started improving. It was very difficult because the majority of trades ALWAYS went bad; but i persisted because i wanted my money back! In 2013 i was almost breaking even and starting to make money. At one point in July 2013 i actually made about $5000 profit in one month (trading shares). Then i bought a penny stock, valued at $1.20 Evolution Mining. The company was listed on the ASX and had reasonable financials, and was supposedly worth $200 million. Pus500 listed it in their 'Risers and Fallers' listing in the platform. I had such difficulty making profit with the currency trades (vast majority of trades ended in loss, even when they were clearly going into profit they would suddenly reverse) that i thought shares might be the way to go. Unfortunately, the Evil ution Mining company (currently still listed on ASX in fact it apparently just bought another gold mining outfit in Australia for $550 million. You would think this company has MONEY, right?) continued to fall in price. I bought in a bit more each month, convinced the company would be OK, until i had spent $14, 000 and the price had dropped 75% to less than 0.55 cents (from the original price of $1.40 or higher). This happened within a month. Because i was concerned they would take the price further down, i could not deposit more and Pus500 stopped me out, costing me $14, 000. This single trade has bankrupted me and i hold Pus500 directly responsible. As i live in Singapore, i want them banned from soliciting, advertising, or doing any business WHATSOEVER in Singapore. This should be fairly easy to accomplish with a good case presented to the Monetary Authority of Singapore. Since this disaster, the pump and dump company 'Evolution Mining' has now magically recovered to $1.50, and it actually almost recovered to the price i bought in at, within just a single month in 2013. From my experience, this is a clear sign (i have about ten years experience trading shares and specifically, mining tickers) that EVN.AX was paid or reimbursed, or staff at Pus500 were paid or reimbursed, for the pump and dump operation. Others who have lost large sums of money on mining tickers and other share issues, as they traded through Plus500, should please post on this board and we can get Pus500 eviscerated permanently, and Plus500 principals and assigns and heirs banned forever from providing trading services anywhere and everywhere.

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