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A regulated scam

Plus500 are what is known as a market maker broker. All trades are done off exchange with Plus500 acting as counterpart. As per there execution order Plus500 obtain prices from their parent company. Market maker brokers profit from client losses so from the above you see they have both the ability to motivation to manipulate. Plus500 also do not hedge with a third part despite implying they may in there user agreement so on this basis if a client manages to make a profit this will be a direct loss to Plus500. As you can tell this will not happen very often, they can control what they want to pay out.Plus500 have been operating a fraudulent scam for a number of years and the worse part being they are supposed to be regulated. The problem with the regulators is with all the complaints they receive they cannot investigate or won't and tell clients that there complaints will be used for supervisory mandates. Sure they will release information to the public identifying issues etc but judging by the similar stories how a broker like Plus500 have been able to fraudulently scam clients through the years, this action alone tells you that the regulators are useless and not fit for purpose. As for the ombudsman another convenient way for these brokers to evade justice. The decision of the ombudsman is not binding on either party so for instance if the ombudsman sides with the client, this decision cannot be enforced if the broker disagrees. If anybody wants to bring Plus500 shame has to be put on the regulators by political force and also they need to face a court of law. Please reply to this if you want to see Plus500 getting the justice that they have managed to evade for so long. People together are power and through a collective voice can make more noise.

lost all my equity due to some technical issue in the oil option call

Today after the automatic rollover of the oil prices, when the market opened at midnight, I lost 11 of my opened positions due to the abrupt opening of the "Call 24 l June l Oil" option. This option has a 0.07 dynamic spread. but it falls down by 2.4 peeps ( almost 100% dip ) only for a few seconds before getting back to its normal value. As it makes no sense in the sudden dip of the Call position for just a second, without any significant change in the prices of the oil ( in fact the oil prices went up so it should have gone up ideally. This appears to be some technical glitch which ate up all my equity. Kindly look into this matter and return my money.


I placed a trade on plus 500 for around $200 with a stop loss just under $50.
Once i placed the trade, the site immediately froze me from seeing and adjusting my trade. I was given no way to access or watch the trade progress.
I begged to speak with a supervisor for help from the chat service and was denied and told to wait for an email from them. I had to sit and watch the site to wait for until the trade ws has unfrozen only to find out they wiped out my account of the amount $452.19 disregarding there own stop-loss inputs to give me security.
I had no access to it, i was blocked by the site to adjust or close my trade.
Is this legal? i follow the platform provided to me but i keep getting areas where they are able to claim they take no responsibility for their site.
Twice this has happened to me ina similar way and this company has proffited from it, only unfreezing the trades when it benefits there bottom dollar profit.
The picture i provided shows the trade frozen and blocks me from taking any action or proffit on my trade untill they un-froze it when it was at a loss. Also they did not honour there stop loss i had placed onto there platform.


account funding

Good advice to anyone, stay far away from these companies. All these binary options and cryptocurrency companies are scams, I lost a total of $196k. Things have turned out good for me, being that I was able to recover my money thanks to a recovery pro. You can reach me if you're interested in finding out how I recovered everything I lost. Rachelmillr4 {at} gmail dot com

plus500 real account

Good day.

My name is Darrell Du Plessis and i would like to enquire about an experience I went through with Plus500, and if it would be possible to recover what I have lost.

In 2017 I invested an amount of approximately R180 000.00 into this trading platform and was looking for assistance on this since then, but I could not find anyone who could help me without asking me large sums of money upfront for their services, which I do not have. I found your email adress on a website and decided to email you today in hope for some assistance. I really feel like something was not right on the platform as I lost all that money in a matter of a couple of weeks. Whenever I placed an order the market would always turn against me no matter what I tried. The market turned against me no matter which one I chose. I could never be successful no matter what I tried to do. I lost my money very quickly and it didn't make any sense to me why the markets was always turning against me. On the demo account I was very successful but when I switched to the real account i could never win. I lost all the money I had left which was received from my provident fund. I have been so depressed since 2017 about this where my life has come to a stand still and I couldn't find anyone who can assist me. Hopefully I have found the right person now to help. I know it's been two years now and I have lost all hope in this time.

Please advise me if a recovery might be possible and what may be needed in order to proceed. Thanks

Darrell Du Plessis

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deposit not refunded

Good evening,

My name is Siphiwe Gift Tshabalala

I deposited money into Plus500 on 04/11/2019 before i could verify my account and had issues with proof of address. I asked for the money to be returned to my bank account on 11/11/2019 and it never happen. i did ask the support team if they could return the money to my plus500 account and they gave me a tracking form for my bank which i still dont have the money even today 12/12/2019. I would like the money to go back to my Plus500 account so I can start trading.

deposit not refunded

[Resolved] totally cheating

I had an open position for Bitcoin and before I go sleep I wanted to set close at loss limit. While I was doing it the price was 7730 and I set the limit 7700. After I set the limit the price went down to 1780 within a second and went back to 7730. I messaged them and they are saying that they are collecting from multiple resources.

This is totally cheating. I have been watching from multiple resources too and if they can prove me that in one of the resoyrces in the world the price went down within a second that much and get back up I am ok with that but no I have been watchin from multiple resources and they are just playing with people.

Yes it is easy to deposit and withdraw money but they are just cheating with people. Never use the this site. NEVER! for the reference I am also attaching the photo of that nonesense.

totally cheating



withdrawal margin call position close slippage


Plus 500 I request them the withdrawal to my bank account! So I use debit card to deposit and requested them to withdrawal on my account as when I do withdrawal on debit card in bank it goes to suspense account!
I provided them bank statement showing the deposit but they are not replying.
My experience with them is not great they always have some or the other explanation!!
They are not transparent and they have no clue all they do is simply blame client or show some new rule.


Plus500 is a scam company duping people of huge money, I almost lost $80000 to this company. My account was suspended and I sent every document to get my account back to normal but all was in vain. I was lucky to get referred to a forensic expert at Luke.dawn at mail who helped me with the recovery process of my funds. I'm so happy to write this review for the sake of other people been scammed by this company

stay away

Few months ago, I invested about $36, 000 into this binary option platform with the aim of diversifying my trading portfolio. However, with my strict habits of growing my account 300% before taking profits, I never attempted any withdrawals, not until two months ago when I tried to withdraw but all effort was in vain. I called the account manager and explained the situation, he told me i  would be able to withdraw after 4 working days which sounded shady to be very honest.  4days went by, still no withdrawals, I tried reaching out to the manager and customer service line but non of them were reachable till this moment.
I shared my experience with my colleague at work, he introduced me to an international recovery firm (www.recoveryempire.com). these people saved me and I had my claims after 6working days. Their professionalism was top notch.

plus 500 operational procedures.

Worst company ever. Criminals to the core. I have had instructions to close stock ignored costing me thousands. The refuse in the same way to buy new stock instructed again costing thousands. Finally the list opening time of certain stock options and then do not open them on time so that you loose Hugh increases on your stock. In the last 4 months they have cost me circa €20000 in lost profit due to inconsistent operations and in my opinion criminal behaviour. No wonder there stock price plummeted. They are now conning and sterling from innocent investors to shore up there bank balance.

abrupt account closure.

I was conned into taking a bonus matching my original $17000 investment made over the phone. According to Plus500 policy, I cannot withdraw any funds until $30, 000 worth of trades has been executed. This was not explained to me and when I wanted to withdraw $3000 from my $27, 000 balance, the request said pending for 6 weeks, and after several requests over 6 weeks made to account managers who ignored my requests, then later my main broker Derrick Jone asked me to sign a doc online which I thought was a doc to trade, but as I was directed to the doc, the robot took over and signed on my behalf. It turned out that was the very important Bonus Statement with conditions that restrict withdrawals. I finally got a request denied. I tried reaching them for many months with no success.

In 2018, I found Marcus Gate, Admin Consultant at Wealth Watch after my Account Closure Declaration. I am one of the very few who got large amount back from Banc de Binary & Plus500, great regards to Marcus Gate and his team, the Newark based global recovery firm helped me fill in my complaint the right way and got back my money with no dispute.

abrupt account closure.

being scammed

I'm so frustrated when I see the name plus500, I've been scammed by a woman who goes by the aphiwe mthembu. If your company is legit please sort this person out before she ruins the image of your company. Ever since I made a payment yo her I've never heard of her again.

This is the information she posts on WhatsApp & facebook I attached all the images.

This is the number she uses on WhatsApp [protected] & this is the number she advises me to ewallet to [protected]. She blocked me I can't communicate with her.

being scammed
being scammed
being scammed

difficulty withdrawing

I invested a total sum of 100000USD with plus500, i should have know they were up to no good, they gave me signs but was so blind i couldn't see until they swindled me.so disappointed with my self, my hard earn money gone just like that, 100000USD is a lot of money i couldn't keep it to my self i had to tell my co-worker and fortunately he just recovered from the same [censored] i just plunged into, He then introduced me to Marc, and to my greatest surprise this guy was able to retrieve my Funds for me, though i didn't get all but 95000USD out of 100000USD is nice, Glad i have that back, Now Is your account manager asking you to make more and more deposits and now you've had it with him and you want your funds recovered, mail [protected]@consultant.com, provide him with all necessary documents and he will gladly take you through the recovery

double charging premium

I have been trading with this company for over 7 months and the things I have seen them do leads me to...

won't refund my balance

Ive asked Plus500 to refund me my balance and close my account they are refusing to do so. They mess me...

ripple and call/16/jan/deutsche bank

Hello sir I am very upset about plus 500 what they done to me I bought worth£900 ripple and sold with £107...


I won't go into my whole boring story, but it's much the same as the rest on here. My main complaint is that they're manipulating the screens during the night. This includes showing stock rising and falling (with a loud thud!) for instruments that should be marked as 'market closed'. This website gives you some examples of ones to avoid: www.plus500scam.co.uk

There is also a link on there for a European law firm who have a class lawsuit against Plus500. They operate on a 'no win, no fee' basis.

Like many people, I'm many, many ££££s down. I've reported them to FCA and I've been in touch with a lawyer.

  • Al
    alico2018 Feb 23, 2018

    I notice they manipulate the screen and their rate is not even link to yahoo finance, so pretty much misleading people. I disputed to paypal and I have my money back. Anyone use paypal should dispute and escalate your claim. Don't let this scam company steal your money just like that.

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trading services

Recently I setup an account with Plus500 trading company because I want to buy Crypto Currencies (Ripple...

avoid at all costs

Stay away from these liars if you care about your hard-earned money.
Judging by my own experience dealing with this website and several similar ones, I can say that Plus500 rates are lower than anywhere else. So not sure you will benefit.
Some issues with withdrawals occur more often than desired.
I know people who dealt with Plus500 and lost their money because all of a sudden their accounts were suspended without any explanations. After those stories, I stopped dealing with this company and thank god I didn't have money in my account when I canceled everything. Think of it if you're with them.