Plus 500 / fraude

LONDON, England, Greater London, United Kingdom

I have been trading plus500 for around 2 years. I like to go on short positions and take my profit. but it looks like i can never make any profit as I always end up loosing.on the other hand I trade other companies demo account in the same way and most of the time I do make profit the way I trade. It is very strange, my money keeps on disappearing. SO I decided to go on longer positions and I started making profit. Quickly my account was blocked and under review. they asked for some documents which I gladly sent. they replied documents accepted but the account still inactive and my money blocked. their answers to my emails is that they have mandatory reviews to do. 2 days now and I only receive rabish emails that answer nothing of my questions.
beside when you are making profit it goes very slow and it s so quick when you are loosing. definitely I see something wrong with that. it is very very strange. I see a huge fraud in there but we have to proof it. I will report my case to the authorities.
WHO gave the right to block my money? They gave it to themselves otherwise they must give explanation. and they do not.

May 19, 2015

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