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Plato's closet Sucks. I've been to that store less than 5 times and every time I've gone I get no money for my clothes. Today for example, I tried selling a hurley dress (costs around 55 dollars), an oakley bathing suit (valued at 75 dollars), and a few other big clothing brands like victoria secret, roxy, billabong, american eagle, and hollister. I got 3 dollars for a vest, a necklace from forever 21 and a book. They told me all my clothes were outdated, Everything that I had taken in I've bought them less than a year ago. I think that Plato's closet is a horrible store. I was looking around in the store just to see if i have a chance to make atleast 15 dollars, well as you know, i got 3 dollars. Sorry, $3.50. I eel that you have to be friends with the employees or know them to be able to sell your clothes. I think its bogus what they give you for the clothes. The clothes I saw there today were all worn out, they had deodorant stains, and the whole store smelled like a gross second hand store. All the employees there are always sarcastic and rude. I know I can't sell my clothes for 100% profit but I think i deserve a little more than just 3 dollars and change and for all my clothes to be bought. I'm better off trying to sell my clothes on Ebay or Amazon.

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  • Po
      Sep 18, 2010

    You must live near a poor plato's closet, as the one I live near usually has decent clothes (usually). Of course they pay out poorly. That is how their clothes that they sell are so discounted. You don't get to decide what is "outdated" or not. They decide that based on what is selling. Certain styles or brands may sell for years while another style or brand is considered "outdated" in a few weeks. I suggest donating your clothes to Goodwill. It's doubtful someone will buy used clothing for even half of what it was paid for new.

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  • Ho
      Apr 08, 2011

    Having been a former Plato's Closet employye, I know about the buying process somewhat, although I never sorted through the clothes. The customer only recieve around 30% of what the actual selling price of the clothes are, which is how Plato's Closet receives their revenue. In regards to the clothes being "outdates, " some brands change their labels every few months, which is how they can tell if it is an older style. It also depends on what they have already in their store. If all else fails, try other Plato's Closet stores. You never know.

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