Plastic Surgery Central Florida / Dr. Richard Arabitg / botched tummy tuck

In August 2015 I went ahead with a big decision in my life and had a Tummy Tuck. At first I thought Dr. Richard was charming and a great surgeon. He promised me that the results I was looking for he could accomplish. He said six months after surgery I would need Liposuction on my upper belly. I went back to him in six months to see if he could do a revision because the scare and hanging skin was bothering me. I paid 8, 600.00 and I could not believe I was left with this ugly scar, bad belly button and hanging skin. He said he could do the revision but not the Liposuction. He suggested another procedure that no one has heard of and he claims he only have done twice in his entire career. I left the office upset and disappointed. He promised something and did not come through with it. I have gone to other surgeons to only find out that no one could fix what he has done to me. I am still paying for surgery and feel that I should have NEVER done the surgery, at least with him.

Nov 28, 2016

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